Motorcycle GPS reviews – Best bicycle security tips to stop theft

Motorcycle GPS reviews – Thousands for bikes are stolen every day especially in major cities around the world. A lot of bike theft results from owners taking insufficient care over locking their bikes or leaving them unattended while popping indoors to fetch something.

Motorcycle GPS reviews

Yet even bikes that have been well secured with a good quality bicycle lock are often stolen by determined thieves armed with the tools of the trade like bolt cutters, sledge hammers and sprays that weaken metal.

Use Bicycle Locks Properly, Chain, Shackle or Cable Locks

Choose a bicycle lock appropriate to the cost of the bike and the risk level of the area in which it will be locked. Cheap cable locks, for example, may be fine for a $150 bicycle left in a low risk crime area but a top quality chain or u-lock from a company like Kryptonite may be required for a $600 bike parked on the streets of New York.

Having bought a lock, learn how to use it properly:

Secure locks around the frame, wheel and object to which it is attached.
Make sure the bike and its lock cannot be lifted off that secure object (see picture below).
Leave as little space as possible between lock and frame for thieves to insert bolt cutters.
Use two locks if necessary, for example mini u-locks may only have room to attach a wheel to the frame; a chain or cable lock is then required to lock the bike to an immovable object.
Never lock a bike through the front wheel only as the rest of the bike may disappear (see picture below).
If using combination bike locks, be sure to check for lurking thieves trying to spot the code entered by looking through binoculars.

Extra Security Measures to Prevent Bicycle Theft

While expensive top quality bike locks come with free anti-theft warranty, some thieves will take it as a personal challenge to try and break a lock, meaning additional security measures may be needed:

Use two, three or even four locks in high risk areas, anything that makes the bicycle next door look easier to steal.
Remove easy-to-steal parts or accessories like the saddle and seat post, pumps, clipless pedals or cycle computers.
Attach an audible alarm to scare people off.
For expensive bikes, consider attaching a small GPS tracking device but before that read some motorcycle GPS reviews online. These are not cheap and some versions are intended for tracking people or animals but can be adapted to use on bicycles.
Alternatively, place a radio frequency identification tag securely inside the bike frame to catch thieves.
In summary place as many barriers as possible in front of a thief to prevent bike theft.

Best Bike Security

Use the best bicycle lock that budget will allow and use it wisely to protect a valuable bike or just to save the hassle of having to buy a new one if it is stolen. Consider additional security measures in high risk areas in an attempt to thwart determined thieves.

Cycle Insurance to Replace a Stolen Bicycle

Statistics highlighted by the British Crime Survey for 2005/2006 show that more than 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in the UK. The National Bike Registry estimates that figure to be 1.5 million in the US, yet many people do not bother to take out cycle insurance. Some people assume that their bike will be covered by a home insurance policy but often this is an optional extra and bicycles over a certain value have to be specified on the policy and an additional insurance premium paid.

This article looks at why it’s a good idea to take out cycle insurance, especially for keen cyclists who like to take their bikes abroad on holiday.

Why Take out Cycling Insurance?

Motorcycle GPS reviews

There are several reasons for considering specialist cycle insurance apart from covering the cost of a replacement bicycle:

Many bikes, especially those used for commuting, are stolen away from the home and will not be covered by a standard home contents policy.
Bikes transported on a car rack may not be covered against theft, especially if left unattended while popping into a service station for fuel or a bite to eat.
Expensive bikes, particularly top-end mountain bikes, are often stolen to order either inside or outside the home. While the best high quality locks can prevent theft, a specific mountain bike insurance policy gives additional peace of mind.
Some policies offer liability coverage against potentially expensive third party claims in the event of an accident.

Get a Quote for Bicycle Insurance

The internet has made it very easy to get a cycle insurance quote in the UK. Decide on the type of insurance required from simple theft based on where you live in the UK to overseas travel and even liability insurance in the event of a bike accident.

Insurance cover policy options from bike insurance companies like Cycleguard are usually flexible and can be adapted to suit each cyclist’s personal circumstances. To get a quote simply enter postcode details and the value of the bike(s) that need to be insured, then add any optional extras like worldwide cover or liability insurance.

Tips for Comparing Bicycle Insurance Quotes

As with any type of insurance, it’s worth getting at least three quotes to compare prices between different bicycle insurance providers, then use the following tips to compare policy features:

Excess – What is the value of the insurance policy excess? Some policies have a high value for top-end bikes.
Security requirements – Does the policy require the bike to be secured with an approved cycle lock? The additional cost of a high quality lock may make a cheaper policy more expensive.
Payment methods – Can savings be made by making an annual payment or is it better to pay monthly?
Travel overseas – Does the policy cover overseas travel and if not, what is the extra payment required?
Personal liability insurance– Some policies automatically include bicycle accident liability insurance. Read the small print carefully as recreational cyclists or mountain bikers may not need liability in case of a road accident, so this should be an option.

Insuring a Bike

With the basic cost of bicycle insurance being around 10% of the bike’s value, it is worth protecting a bike against theft or damage, especially if planning to take a bike abroad. Like all insurance, the value is only ever seen in the event of a claim, but with the growing number of bikes stolen every year as cycling increases in popularity, a specialist cycle insurance policy offers additional peace of mind.

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