Holistic healing and distance healing to improve health and life

Distance healing – Most alternative healing techniques include some sort of energy work. Spiritual healing, Reiki and theraputic touch all use an energy exchange between the healer and the client. Crystal healing, hot stone therapy and sound therapy all include not only an energy exchange between the healer and the client, but also an energy exchange through the healing medium even in the case of distance healing.

Holistic healing and distance healing to improve health and life

Here are the basics of three popular healing modalities:

Reiki for emotional healing

Reiki for emotional healing uses universal life force energy to heal body mind and spirit. The therapy is generally done with the client lying on a table so that the practitioner can treat the entire body. The client is fully clothed at all times and the touch is completely non-sexual. The reiki for emotional healing practitioner places their hands on the client and channels the universal energy. This universal energy knows where the negative energy is in the client’s body and flows to those spots where it releases this negative energy or changes it to positive energy in order to assist the body to heal itself. The client may feel a release in the form of a muscular change. Reiki for emotional healing also sometimes causes deep emotional release and the client may experience the need to cry.

Overall the Reiki for emotional healing process is extremely gentle and puts the client in a state of deep relaxation. Most clients leave the session in a much more peaceful state than the one in which they arrived. Sessions generally last one hour and the cost may vary from practitioner to practitioner in reiki for emotional healing.

Theta Healing

Theta healing is a technology made up of prayer and meditation. The practitioner puts themselves into the theta state where they can then access the subconscious mind and the quantum field. They then assist the client to:

change limiting beliefs
let go of habits
heal themselves
connect with their higher self

The session is conducted generally from a seated position. The practitioner will ask a number of questions so that they can find the root cause of the issue. They then take the hands of the client and begin the process of accessing the energy or knowledge needed to assist the client.

Sessions are usually one hour in length and the cost is around sixty dollars depending on the practitioner.

Thought Field Therapy TFT

Thought field therapy is not a talking therapy. The client does not need to relive the trauma for this therapy to work. Simply put TFT allows information to enter the body using acupressure points. This is done by tapping the specific acupressure meridian while the client thinks of a specific issue or upset.

The success rate of thought field therapy is an extremely high 95% elimination of upset and emotional pain. This therapy is so effective that it has become a staple in the National Trauma Program in Kosovo where they report a 100% success rate.

distance healing

The best thing about TFT is the fact that it can be used by anyone, anywhere (distance healing too), anytime. Once the client knows the technique, they can use it to tap their way to emotional freedom. The original sessions are usually done with a certified thought field therapy practitioner. The practitioner will teach the client techniques that they can then take away and use for themselves.

Services, times and prices are flexible and are done on a case by case basis depending on the practitioner in real healing or distance healing.

There are ways to treat the body mind and spirit that will both assist in healing the body and improving the quality of life. In order to choose the modality that best fits the individual’s needs, they will have to do some investigation into the methods and results they are most comfortable with.

Healing with Color

Color is defined by light frequencies: the wave frequency at which light reflects off of an object tells us its shape and hue. Since light is energy, these same frequencies can be used in energy healing. In visualization and energy work, each color possesses unique properties that can be used to ease pain, relieve stress, and even affect disease.

Color and Visualization

Color can be used in several ways in energy work, but all involve visualization.

By visualizing an image or a state of health as we want the body to be, we draw one step nearer to achieving it – and we can train the body to accept that image as a program for how it naturally “wants” to be. Visualizing or imagining is part of many energy work and meditation techniques.

Colors are commonly used in meditation and healing work to:

enhance the energy of the chakras
send particular energy frequencies to certain organs or parts of the body
cool or warm parts of the body (e.g. to relieve aches and pain, cramps)
connect the body with emotions or spiritual energies represented by particular colors

Using Color in Meditation

In meditation, color is often used to strengthen the chakras or draw on certain emotional or psychological properties.

Red may be used to represent anger or passion
Blue is calm, peaceful, or sad
Yellow is cheerful, clever and exuberant
Green represents growth
Orange is brash, outgoing and sexual
Violet is spiritual or serene

These colors are typically visualized as a luminescense or light:

In or around the chakras,
As a halo, aura or protective shield around the body, or
In the air in front of you, to be breathed into the body

How to Use Color in Healing Work

The most obvious use of color healing is in sending the energy or image of colors into the chakras. Each of the major chakras traditionally corresponds to one color.

The colors can also be directed at:

reiki for emotional healing

broken bones or sprains
organs such as the brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys, or colon
the eyes or the optic nerve
heart and circulatory system
or wherever energy is being sent

Most energy work is done with “white light” – energy containing the frequency of every color in the spectrum. When other colors are used in energy work, it is still a good idea to begin and end with white light, to balance and amplify the session.

In directing specific frequencies at an organ or injury, be careful in your choice of color – certain colors can (according to some) have undesirable side effects:

Green is often avoided around cancer, since it encourages growth, though others say that green kills cancer cells (which have an aberrant kind of growth).
Indigo should not be used in excess or it may cause depression. It should also be avoided in working on people who are sad or emotionally vulnerable.

Properties of the Colors in Energy Work</H3?

The Red spectrum is physical, warming and stimulating;
Blue spectrum colors are spiritual, cooling and purifying; and
The Yellow spectrum is balancing to the mind and bridges the spiritual and physical.

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