All You Need to Know About Google AdWords Certification

All You Need to Know About Google AdWords Certification

Have you ever searched google for “PPC Agencies?” Were you shocked to see the results running into multiple digits? The Pay-per-Click industry is huge, and there are thousands and thousands of businesses selling AdWords services. Why is it so? The answer to this is that because Google AdWords is pretty much complicated and not everyone can navigate it, especially the small business and marketers.

But, there is no other choice since Google is the most popular at the moment they have to use it. Google is dominating the online advertisements board, and their PPC business alone brings revenue of over $80 billion through ad each year. Can there be a better place than Google to buy ads? Certainly not, That is why all the brands out there are in search of agencies that specialize in AdWords services for helping them out.

So, the point is if you run a PPC agency, how are you going to survive the ruthless industry? How are you going to do better business than the competitors? The one and only answer to these questions is Google AdWords Certification.”

What Is Google AdWords Certification?

The Google AdWords Certification is a ‘professional accreditation’ which is provided by Google to individuals and companies who exhibit proficiency and mastery in AdWords. Having a Google AdWords Certification distinguishes you from the rest of the competitors in the market. The Certification is basically a badge that is given to you. It can be displayed on your resume, website, and other places to attract more business.

Google AdWords Exam-

Any individual or agency is free to sign up for the Google AdWords Certification. To become a certified professional, one needs to pass the fundamental exam and at least one of the advanced/specialized exams. Let us see what the exams are-

  • Fundamental Exam- This exam is like a general test and focuses on basic to intermediate AdWords concept. It includes basics like the benefits of online advertising, management and optimization of campaigns.
  • Specialized/Advanced Exam- The specialty exams have more to do with search, display, mobile, video and shopping. Depending on the area that you/your agency is focused on, it would be wise to spend the time on that certification.
  • A minimum of 80% is required to pass any of these exams. The exams usually consist of 100 questions and take 100-120 minutes.

Reasons To Opt for Google AdWords Certification-

Reasons To Opt for Google AdWords Certification

  • Credibility- The Google AdWords Certification sort of adds up to your credibility in the market. You can display your Google Partners Profile as proof. It can be added to your business card, your resume, your website, and all other social media places. This will help in the potential clients to help you distinguish from the rest and give a top hand in the business.
  • Promotion- Having a Google AdWords Certification in your piggy, can act as a free promotion for you (Imagine Google promoting you). Let’s see how. Once you get the certification and become a Google Partner, you will be listed on their verified website of partners. When a person clicks the “Find a Google Partner” button, there will be a list of certified companies to run PPC and AdWords Campaigns. So that’s just like a free advertisement for you. Google recommends you to the interested customers and even highlights your certifications. Great isn’t it?
  • Beneficial For your Job – If you are looking for a job or switching to a digital marketing career, then this certification is a big plus. It shows how dedicated you are to your profession. Many companies these days emphasize various certifications related to the profession. Your Certification will be linked to your company, and thus, it will increase the number of individual certifications. You can bag your dream job with this.

How to Ace the Google AdWords Exam-

More often than not, people ask about some tips for clearing the exams. There are no official tips as such, but some members have shared tips on the thread that might be very useful.

  • Read Google AdWords Guide– Reading the AdWords guide before taking up the exam will be useful, especially if you do not have extensive google knowledge. The guides are generally good for everyone, including the beginners. Whether or not you want to take up the certification, the guide is a great way to learn about the AdWords.
  • Creating your own note– Everyone has their own way to study, and hence it is best to create your own notes from the guides. Creating your own notes will be beneficial at the exam time.
  • Practice & Practice– There can be nothing better than practicing. The more you practice, the more confident you become. It will increase your chances of passing the exam.
  • Be a part of Forums– Participating in discussions and forums is a great way to enhance your knowledge. There will be lots of tips available, so make the full out of it. There will be plenty of Google AdWords tips available in different communities. Being a part of then getting your doubts cleared is a good idea after all.
  • Take Google AdWords Practice tests– Google provides not only materials but also tutorials. One should make the most out of it. It will help you in performing in the exam. Clearing the mock test will boost your confidence level and give a fair idea about the real examination and help you do well.

When you run a basic google search for AdWords agency, there are 1000s of results popping up before you. That’s just because it is a great platform to place Ads. But given the complexity of the system, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. This means that there is a good scope for efficient agencies to help companies run their AdWords campaigns.

So, brush up your AdWords skill through the Exam and take your business to new success height.

All the best!



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