Recognizing When It’s Time To Seek New Employment

Recognizing When It’s Time To Seek New Employment

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when your current job is challenging rather than mentally and emotionally draining. Knowing when it’s time to leave and look for new and more satisfying employment can save you a lot of time, energy and frustration. Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for.

You No Longer Feel You’re Growing

Have you been feeling your current job has nothing else to offer you? While it’s understandable to want to wait around for a new project to make you feel reinvigorated, what if that doesn’t happen? What if you find yourself feeling exactly how you do now when that project is over? Feeling as if you’ve hit a ceiling is a sign it’s time to make some changes

You’ve Been (Unsuccessfully) Suppressing the Urge to Find a New Job

Seek New Employment

Maybe you’ve found yourself checking out top global companies to work for. If you were truly satisfied with your current job, you’d have no desire to look elsewhere for employment. Sure, you may have a few gripes about your current position or boss, but you’d take those grievances up with management or HR. You wouldn’t feel like it’s time to just jump ship.

Your Commute Consumes Your Day

It could be that you love your job, but your commute starts your workday off on a bad note. Spending hours in traffic and spending too much money on gas can turn any job into a nightmare. You also have to think about the fact your car is being put through unnecessary wear and tear. If it’s not possible to move closer to your company, there’s a chance your employer may be open to the idea of you telecommuting. If not, you may be better off looking for something new and closer.

Your Job Is Negatively Impacting Your Mood

On your way to work and while you’re on the clock, you could find yourself in a downright terrible mood. Leaving work may make you feel better, but that joy could be tainted by the thought of having to come back to the office tomorrow. You could also find yourself badmouthing your job to family and friends. If any of this sounds familiar, you and your emotional health will be much better off if you look for a new position.

You Can’t Wait for Retirement

There’s nothing wrong with your mind drifting to what it would be like to retire. The issue comes when you’re practically counting down the days to retirement, and that’s especially true when you’re nowhere near retirement age. Those thoughts are likely the result of working in a job that’s draining, frustrating and unfulfilling. Rather than counting down the years until retirement, start counting up how many other job opportunities are available to you.

You Aren’t Being Mentally Stimulated

If you can perform your job on autopilot, chances are, it’s not engaging you in a way that makes the time fly by. Feelings of boredom can turn any job into a mind-numbing experience. Think about the fact that if you aren’t being mentally engaged, you likely aren’t making any advancements in your career.

Be honest with yourself when it comes to deciding whether it’s time to change jobs. It may take you a while to find the perfect position, but all your hard work is sure to pay off.


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