How to make a better first impression

How to make a better first impressionIf you’ve got a best friend, it’s likely that that friendship has been built and grown stronger over a course of years. While you may have been mates for a very long time, you would have never become friends if it wasn’t for one very important thing – the first impression you made. Without a good first impression, it’s highly likely that you would have never spoken to each other again. As it can be so important, here’s how you can make sure you’re making the best first impression in different parts of your life.

Appear more confident in your personal life

One of the most important times to make a good first impression is when it comes to dating. If you walk up to somebody at a bar to strike up a conversation, you only have a mere few moments to come across as somebody that they would like to chat to, or they could instantly send you packing. If you do impress them long enough and manage to keep them talking to secure that date, you’ll have a lot more to do to work on that first impression.

If you find many of your dates end without a second date, consider what it is that is occurring that makes them think there isn’t a future between you two. If you’re stuck on what to work on, this article examines what it means to be a man and comes up with a list of things that might be putting women off continuing a relationship with a man. These include things like indecisiveness, moodiness and even a lack of planning. Try and impress her by organising everything so it shows you’ve put in the effort to make your time together extra special.

Be more reliable at work

When it comes to impressing someone in your career, you want to put across a completely different set of qualities. The main two are that you’re more capable of doing any job to a higher standard than anybody else, and that you’re also reliable. If you’re going for a job interview, make sure you show up early to your appointment and be prepared to wow them with confident answers that thoroughly explain why you’d be best suited for the job. If you’re meeting with a new client, you want to impress them with that same high standard of presentation.

Make a good impression to anybody you meet

No matter who you meet in life, it’s important to make a good first impression. Even if you think that you’ll never meet them again, they could end up being a major part of your life.

For example, the person who works behind the till at your local grocery store could one day end up being introduced to you as your best mate’s new partner. If you know you’ve been rude, or you definitely could have put a lot more effort into being politer, that new friendship may struggle to get going because of your bad first impression. No matter how tired you are, how much of a rush you’re in or how bad a day you’re having, always present the best version of yourself.

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