How to Set Up a Child to Study From Home and Not to Go Crazy: 15 Psychological Tips

How to Set Up a Child to Study From Home and Not to Go Crazy: 15 Psychological Tips

How do you motivate your child to study remotely from home? It is important to understand that motivation is formed long before the middle level of education, it is nurtured by the parent during the preschool period.

You need clear rules to cope with this reality.

It is important for parents and the child’s immediate environment to try themselves to maintain a calm, adequate and critical attitude to what is happening. Emotional state of the child directly depends on the condition of the adult. Experience shows that it will take some time to adapt to the new, and this is the norm.

Try to understand the recommendations that you receive from the school on how to organize distance learning. Learn worldwide experience. Ask questions if they arise. Rely on the official information you receive from the class teacher and administration. The school also needs time to adapt to the new environment.

For the first time, if possible, stay close to your child. Help with the “technical difficulties” of the process. You can include yourself in the lesson, thus increasing your child’s motivation. But do not do tasks for your child.

Try to maintain the daily routine. Distance learning is not a vacation. Sleep and climb at the same time (around 7.50), observe a meal regime, 30-minute lessons, and breaks. Breaks for the eyes training and for the whole body. Legal rest after lessons is necessary even in distance learning. It is advisable that your homework should be completed by 19.00.

The contract. You must explain to your son or daughter that a comfortable learning environment is necessary during the distance lessons. Maximum silence. TV and music in the background is noise. The phone prevents you from concentrating. Toys can also be removed before the change or the end of the learning process.

Control. The child must have a framework, a set of rules that he can understand. A frame is stability, it’s safety. No personal responsibility, no rules in the family, no responsibilities at home, so there are no boundaries, it leads to increased anxiety in the child.

best sublimation How to Set Up a Child to Study From Home and Not to Go Crazy: 15 Psychological Tips

Ventilate the premises! The brain needs oxygen.

Sublimation. Scary word, but the internal tension still need to be directed to something acceptable to society and useful to you. Creativity is the best sublimation of an anxious state. Support and stimulate the child’s creative endeavors. There are many workshops on the Internet, show your child something from your childhood. I am happy to remember Daddy’s wooden reel machine, soap, rubber bands and matches. For me, this machine is still a miracle. All materials for creativity can be ordered on the Internet or bought in working supermarkets.

Encourage your child’s physical activity. You can even play music for your mood. You remember the terrible word “sublimation”, so sport also helps redirect negative energy in the right direction.

Make every effort to keep the family tradition alive for the period of self-isolation. Birthdays should be celebrated, not left for later, even now. In our case, “family day” can be spent at home for a board game, cleaning and reading a book, the main thing – a common activity for all family members. Keep the rituals alive: eating together without the TV, fairy tales or talking at night.

Teach your child to express their emotions verbally. Talk to them regularly about their experiences and feelings.

Keep and maintain a welcoming, positive atmosphere in the family.

Give your child time to get bored. Don’t fill the day and try to entertain every minute. You should rest from each other.

Try to keep communication in class. Phone conversations, common chat, you can come up with smart mobs (a contest of photos or drawings on the topic, write pleasures to someone on the wall in social networks, share funny stories of the class, etc.).

Try to find motivation for learning and do not intimidate: it does not work.

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