Ways To Protect Yourself Against Spam (Anti-spam)

Ways To Protect Yourself Against Spam

Constant online communication leads to a larger amount of spammers and hackers attacks. All the large, medium-sized and small companies have websites where they can communicate with clients and offer their services, so it’s really important for them to block spam comments and fake users as soon as possible. So how is it possible to fight spam and make users’ pastime online safer?

Anti-Spam Service: How Does It Work?

Nowadays, thousands of people take advantage of special anti-spam services and spam black list checker which help them easily and quickly block fake users and delete spam comments. IP, email, domain blacklists help users figure out whether one or another comment is written by a spambot or not.

Blacklists are intended to help users identify a harmful IP, email or domain and block sites distributing malicious content. They are usually compiled by Internet Service Providers in order to help users safeguard themselves online.

The main reasons why IP, email or domain may be blacklisted are:

  • high spam complaint rates;
  • easy-to-guess email password which has been hacked and used by spammers;
  • too many messages sent from one email address;
  • increase in email volume coming from one domain;
  • malicious and harmful content distribution.

IP, email or domain may be automatically deleted from blacklist within 45 days upon condition there will be no spam activity.

Why Use Anti-Spam Programs

Why Use Anti-Spam Programs

Email is often used by hackers and scammers when trying to take out corporations’ safety system. The anti-spam program helps large, medium-sized and small companies detect and delete spammed messages and comments ensuring multi-level security. The anti-spam program also:

  • stops spammed emails before they arrive at your e-mail server as well as alert a user whether one or another email is spammed;
  • may detect spammed comments and emails in diverse languages;
  • protects you and your company against viruses and data theft;
  • makes it possible for you to create a certain list of people whose texts and emails you want to accept, such a way these emails are never going to be mistaken for spam;
  • lets you monitor and filter out spam from multiple accounts
  • is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and on any device, including laptops, smartphones, and PC;
  • gives you an opportunity to report spam back to the company supplying the software;
  • lets you blacklist suspicious email addresses in order to feel safer;
  • is able to delete spammed emails without your participation, in such a way you will have more time for other important work.

Anti-spam service protects your reputation blocking any possible dangerous and malicious content. Using such a program, you can be sure your website, business and private accounts are safe at all times of the day and night.

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