The Development of Collaborative Robots (COBOTS)

Over the past few years, the field of robotics has experienced a drastic change. This change has been greatly attributed to the development of Collaborative robots (cobots). Now more than ever, industries are relying on robots for almost all their processes thereby, increasing the need for robots that can work seamlessly with human workers.

Many industries have been quick to incorporate cobots in their services as it has made automation of services very easy.

What are Cobots?

Collaborative robots are robots designed to interact freely and easily with humans in the workplace to ensure that work is done more efficiently. Many companies have thus been involved in the manufacturing and processing of these cobots. Universal robots is one such company that is highly reputable for the quality of cobots they manufacture.

Universal Robots The Development of Collaborative Robots (COBOTS)

Why Cobots from Universal Robots?

1.      Fast and easy to set up.

As technology is changing, more and more businesses are automating their services to ensure that they are able to keep up with the current trends and also their competition. Traditionally, the process of automating has been through robots which are known to take a long time to set up and incorporate to your system.

Universal robots have thus developed Cobots which are very easy to set up taking only about half a day to have it running in your industry. This makes the process of automation very easy

2.      Flexible deployment.

Industrial robots have been known for their inflexibility at work. They are robust and use a very complex program thus making its programming very complex. Universal robots have developed a robotic arm Cobot which is lightweight and small making it easy to be moved around the workplace.

The cobots are also very easy to program thus enabling it to be modified to complete different tasks in the industry.

Collaborative and safe The Development of Collaborative Robots (COBOTS)

3.      Collaborative and safe

Working in industries means that some workers are forced to work in harsh conditions that may not favor their health. There are also many jobs that may be boring especially those that are repetitive that may tire human workers.

Cobots from Universal robots can easily be tasked with works in conditions that may be unsafe for humans. They are also ideal for repetitive works which may seem boring to workers.

4.      Easy to programmed.

One of the biggest challenges experienced when incorporating robots in industries has been the inexperience of many workers to the programming of the robots thus making it hard for them to work together.

Universal Robots have relieved you of this stress by ensuring that their robots are very easy to program and re-program to perform different tasks and that even workers with no programming experience can easily learn it!

5.      Increased sensitivity and Vision.

Over the years, industrial robots have been associated with numerous accidents. This is because the robots are not designed to stop or halt for any barrier but rather pass through it. The Cobots from universal robots are fitted with micro scan guidance and smart 3D vision to ensure that workers are able to clearly distinguish obstacles in complex systems.

They are also fitted with numerous sensors to detect obstacles and barriers, allowing it to avoid causing harm to other workers.

6.      Save on Costs!

The cost of automating your industry may at times be very expensive. This is mainly due to the cost incurred in buying, training and installing robots in your company. This may involve several robots and thus increase the cost further.

By developing a small, lightweight and easily programmable cobot, Universal robots have ensured that just one cobot can be used to perform different tasks and thus significantly reduce your cost of automation.


In a rather fast-changing world, the need for Cobots is seen to be increasing rapidly. Cobots are made the process of automation and as such proven to be crucial in robotics. You, therefore, need to acquire quality and efficient cobots for quality services. Trust Universal Robots, and let us serve you!

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