The power of technology- the ill effects of it

As with anything, too much of it is bad. This can be held true for most of the events in our life, and in recent times, the technological innovations and everything to do with technology. Yes, technology has definitely made our lives much simpler. Now, we can communicate to the far ends of the world, watch television programs that would not be beamed to our country, and engage in conversation with somebody that may not be well versed in our language and still understanding everything he or she says. However, there are also a lot of ill effects of technology, some of which have been mentioned below.

The power of technology- the ill effects of it
The power of technology- the ill effects of it
  1. The first thing that you come across when you’re thinking about a bad feature of technology is the lack of privacy. Yes, there are government agencies that can keep track of anything and everything that you do, and it is this frightening lack of privacy that most of the people fear.
  2. It has reduced the overall lifestyle of people to glamorous pictures and recognition from people all across the world. Yes, the people have been subjected to the on-stream social media, and the number of likes and dislikes govern the type of lifestyle that you would like to lead. After all, men have now stopped eating, and first started taking pictures and photographs in order to post to the social media profile.
  3. Lack of concentration has been noticed in people that could actually find themselves the fragile when it comes to getting rid of their mobile phones. Yes, shimmering in the corner of their eyes they would find themselves attracted to the lure of the mobile phone in case there is any kind of buzzing.
  4. Technology has reduced the amount of work that we do a daily basis, which is resulting in morbid obesity for a lot of people. This is definitely a concern towards the help of humankind, and over time, this can lead to becoming an epidemic.
  5. Technology has made sure that we have a very small amount of consciousness that is guided by our own brain; a lot of it depends upon peer pressure and anything that has been circulated in social media. People prefer to get rid of their own thought, and concentrate a lot upon what seems to be circulating in the social media.
  6. Technology has ruined the concentration of many. Yes, people get bored extremely easily, particularly if there is no electronic gadget in their presence. Yes, it enables them to lose perspective, and also find it very damaging that they are not in front of an electronic gadget.

So, even though there are exceptional people, one begs to differ that technology is all about helping people. Nowadays, with the additional lure of new technical gadgets happening on a daily basis, people have forgotten about each and everything, and rather they have started to think about developing relations with their technologically driven lifestyle

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