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Twitter Adds Group Messaging, Native Video Features

Twitter is looking ahead to attract more users and for this it has added two new features. The platform now offers group private messaging and native video too, which has been for long been in demand by users.

The mobile video camera feature enables users to take up to 30 seconds of video natively from within the app and then include it in the tweet. With this now users don’t need to upload a video on YouTube and then link it in the tweet. Also, no need to use vine for a six-second video.

Twitter Adds Group Messaging, Native Video Features

In the private group messaging feature users can send direct messages to a group and don’t need to follow any one in the group of up to twenty people.

To enable the group chat first sending invitation is required and those members are notified by Twitter. Once the group is created, sending private direct message becomes possible in the group.

Users can send links, images and emoji in the group and can also invite any user to join who is following the individual.

It is also to take note that any user who has been blocked by anyone in the group cannot join the messaging session.

In case of corporate instant message system users do not need to be contacted but can access the group messages.

Rival social platforms Facebook and Google+ have these features.

Do share your own views whether Twitter will be able to grab more users with these two new features. Use the below given comment box.

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