US Carriers Stopping Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exchange With Same Device

US Carriers Stopping Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exchange With Same Device

The issue with Galaxy Note 7 seems to still persist though Samsung was quick enough to act after first few reports of battery explosions. Lately US carriers have been heard to be canceling the release of the device, if believed to an article published in Bloomberg website.

On Wednesday one of the Galaxy Note 7s, the “safe” replacement devices, caught fire on a Southwest Airlines plane. This has ignited the issue further with decisions of carriers not to exchange defective Note 7.

AT&T is talking about replacing the defecting Note 7 with another devices instead of for the same. However, the wireless carrier didn’t disclose when they will stop the sales of Note 7 as well as exchanges of those for Samsung’s second batch of Note 7 devices.

It is very clear the fire incident on Southwest Airlines would be now taken very seriously and if possible Samsung too might officially stop the sales of Note 7.

Samsung’s carrier partners are highly sensitive and have started dealing with the matter to avoid any new chance of explosion, either at home or outside and never on airplanes of course.

With this there is little or no chance for Samsung but to formally call off the US release of flagship Note 7.

Meanwhile, investigation into the Southwest Airplanes plane incident remains ongoing. Officially it has not been announced the mobile phone has been hazardous either by Samsung or by federal investigators.

Earlier on Friday Sprint made a different move first to swap Note 7 for another phone instead of “safe” Note 7, which is again considered as uncertain in terms of safety.

The negative impact of Galaxy Note 7 may damage the reputation of Samsung as the timing of explosions are wrong. Holiday season is just going to start and lately Apple too have launched its much awaited flagship smartphone iPhone 7 with good focus on better mobile photography compared to other mobile devices.

Meanwhile, if you are too much stressed up by becoming one of the proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it is time to have some relaxation.

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