Verizon To Offer Opt-Out Supercookies Feature

Verizon has come up with a tool for users making capable to shut down supercookies that keeps personal data at stake by observing the Internet activities.

Spokesperson of the US wireless carrier Debra Lewis said they are now working on opt-out feature that includes identifier.

The so-called supercookies were first time found last year by tech experts who said it is highly risky. These are in fact special type of cookies and have lately raised concerns of telecom companies.

The US wireless carrier has been facing the heat related to the comsumer privacy for keeping track of online activities of users.

However, Verizon said the supercookies have been used by them for the better understanding of their requirements.

But it is speculated the information are used by advertisers in releasing related ads.

Meanwhile, the tech world has largely condemneed the use of supercookies and there have been different reasons for this. One reason is the fear of data leak. If not, it would be compromise of user information to hackers.

As of now there is no other ways for Verizon to remove the supercookies apart from unsubcribing the Precision Market Insights program.

Tech experts says removing the cookies are easy but not the supercookies from browsers. As the supercookies are hard to get rid off, it is highly dangerous for online data.

Do you want Verizon should stop sending these supercookies to your browsers? Do share your own views with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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