Why Selena Gomez Completely Rejects Singer Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez seems taking her relationship with Zedd to the next level as she has made him feel real confident about her true intentions. Meanwhile, Zedd too is no more worried about Justin Bieber coming in between, if believed to an insider informing HollywoodLife website.

The 22-year-old Selena earlier had conflicted over 20-year-old singer Bieber and thereafter quickly had fallen in romantic spell of 25-year-old Zedd. She learned what is the correct way to be treated by a man.

At the Grammy’s the new super hot couple is learned to be making their debut. The source said Zedd is looking ahead in making Selena’s relationship official and at the Grammy Awards ceremony the two will be making their first official public event together.

Bieber was up and down about making relationship official with Selena and the new man is open to this and taking charge of the relationship. Well, for the fans I guess it is the time to see Zeddlena top the hottest couples list at the Grammys.

Side wise, after the tumultuous relationship with Bieber, Selena found the proposal of Zedd for the Grammys as sweet and said this is the type of man she actually deserves.

On February 2 Zedd even posted a sweet photo of his girl on his Instagram account.

Aw, so cute! These are the reasons why Selena thinks Zedd is marriage material and not young singer Justin Bieber.

Do share your own views whether Zeddlena will be the hottest couple this year at the Grammys.

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