Technologically brilliant cinema – movies with the most astounding special effects

Cinematic brilliance is not only about the story being featured on the silver screen. There are many other spices that make a cinema a living wonder. The right culmination of tight scripting, awesome cinematography, crisp dialogues and screenplay, acting, and photography are all necessary to make a mark in the movie. Think of it as a project that gets success through certain layers. A group of people from different streams join hands together to make the project a success. There is a strong role played by Special Effects in movies that depict portrayals of fantasy battles, historic wars, science fiction, super hero, disaster, and so on. There are movies that have been huge success at the box office, courtesy technologically brilliant camera and astounding special effects.

In fact, with the help of superiorly crafted special effects and brilliant camera works, the director’s vision of portraying a subject on the silver screen comes to life. How far can imagination go? You need to continue reading in order to learn about the amazing special effects in different Hollywood movies that recreated our imaginary minds in a way never thought before. These movies have showed us that movie making technology has advanced tremendously. The success of these movies has taken a giant step forward to recreate the imaginary self in a way never explored before.

Independence Day

Who could have forgotten the scene from this 1997 blockbuster where a Space Ship is seen on the skies of the Earth? Be it the landing of the spaceship or the final battle scenes, Director Roland Emmerich simply created a masterpiece through amazing CFX and VFX special effect. Don’t you remember the destruction of White House? Simply spectacular; and this was created through some very technologically advanced visual effects. High advanced cameras were used to frame the scenes. Independence Day was made at a budget of $75 million and grossed worldwide a whopping $817,400,891! That’s serious money, but not something you’d want to see as your debt. Of course, you’d be running for the top ten reviews of debt management services rather than enjoying top reviews of best movies!


When discussing about spectacular special effects and advanced camera works, The Transformers (First film of the series) should not be ignored by any means. Although you may say that the latest Transformer film is more advanced in terms of technology, special effects, and camera, but it all started with the first film of the series. Released on 2007, this Michael Bay Sci-Fi was an instant hit at the box office because of the spectacular CGI effects and brilliant camera works. This is one of the first movies to combine computer animation effects with Live Action. Just relieve the scenes when the robots get transformed into beautiful vehicles. The technologically advanced special effects made these animation effects look so real on screen. The budget for this movie was $150 million and it grossed $709.7 million!

Terminator 2 – Judgment Day

“Astalavista Baby” – When Arnold uttered these words, whistles and cheers were from everyone who were present for the screening of this landmark film. Way back in 1991 when this movie was released, CGI and computer effects were not so advanced like it is today. But still, when you watch this movie now, it looks so original and advanced. During that time, around $5 million was spent on CGI special effects. However, the humongous box office success of this movie made up for the cost. Made with a budget of $102 million, the film enjoys a worldwide box office gross of $519.8 million.

The Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King

Movie making is an art and the story can be captured in a vast canvas – This has been made true by master craftsman Peter Jackson. Unless you have seen this movie masterpiece in the cinemas, it is difficult to explain the experience. It was simply awesome watching this movie on the silver screen. The CGI and special effects used in this film was of different class. This film won 11 academy awards. If you want to experience truly something amazing in terms of visual effects and cinematic brilliance, then this movie should not be missed. Made at a budget of $94 million, it grossed world wide a total of $1.12 billion!


Another landmark movie, the Titanic also won 11 academy awards. The scene where Titanic hits the iceberg, or where the ship slowly sink were some of the best CGI works used in this movie during the time. Without such technologically advanced camera works and computer graphics, Titanic would never has been such a success. Even today, this movie enjoys tremendous fan following. This movie was made at an exceeding budget of $200 million. But the gross box office was even bigger – $2.187 billion!


Filmed with special IMAX camera and Real 3-D technology, the Avatar was probably the most technologically brilliant movie during its release in 2009. Three dimensional movie shooting never looked the same before the release of Avatar. What advancement movie-making technology has reached can be only experienced once you watch Avatar. The film won academy awards in the field of Best Visual Effects, Cinematography, and Art Direction. Had the movie been less technologically brilliant, it wouldn’t have won academy awards in these categories. The film is first of its kind to use the photorealistic computer-generated characters developed through the latest Motion Capture animation technologies. Made with a budget of $237 million, the film enjoyed tremendous success worldwide, grossing a total of $2,787,965,087.


See it to believe! There are films, there are landmark movies, there are blockbusters, and then there is Gravity! Watching Gravity in the silver screen is truly an experience of the lifetime. This space sci-fi movie was shot with Arri-Alexa camera, one of the most advanced cameras available presently for digital motion picture capturing purpose. Robot cameras were also used to take some of the more difficult shots of the film. 80% of the movie was computer graphics. The film had a budget of $100 million and it grossed a total of $716.4 million worldwide.

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