Get Infatuated with South Carolina

Get Infatuated with South Carolina

Boasting of a wide variety of greenery and water bodies, South Carolina can help you get in touch with nature. Located in the south eastern part of America, South Carolina has access to the Atlantic Ocean, while also being home to several lakes. The lush greenery satisfies the visual senses. South Carolina is also home to a bluff of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains. The state has geographical elements that can satisfy most everyone!

Angel Oak Tree

Stand beneath the oldest living organism in the south eastern part of America, and look up in awe. Despite being barraged by floods, earthquakes and the worst attack by Hurricane Hugo in the year 1989, the Angel Oak Tree has since then recovered and continued to thrive. Visit this 400-year-old tree to connect with the ancient and greener planet. Add this to your South Carolina itinerary planner if you identify with nature. According to lore, you might even see the ghosts of former slaves around the tree, which aided in the naming of the tree. The reality, however, is that the surname of the couple who owned the estate was Angel. If you’d like to find out which story you relate to better, head on over to the Angel Oak Tree now.

Oyotunji African Village

Keeping our culture and roots alive is something most of us strive to do. Oba OseijemanAdefunmi I was no different. He established the Oyotunfi African Village in 1970, with an aim to keep the lifestyle as authentic as possible. If you’d like to experience the true Yoruba way of life, add Oyotunji African Village to your South Carolina travel planner now. The 10 or so acres of property that is occupied by the village have traditional bazaars, courtyards, homes and the stalls sell handmade artifacts. The idea is to preserve the authentic African lifestyle while in America. The residents do have modern amenities, but they remain as simplistic as possible to maintain authenticity and to stay true to their culture.

Catfish Creek, Marion County

Ever wondered if there’s magic in the air? Marion County believes it’s in their water. Legend says that if you drink water out of Catfish Creek, you will be infatuated with the place and will never want to leave. It could also be due to the breath-taking beauty of the creek, with its fairy-tale green banks and trees. Tick off a quaint county experience from your South Carolina trip planner after you visit Catfish Creek and Marion County in general!

Button Museum

If you’re looking to stare in wonder at somebody’s hobby that turned into an obsession, which eventually lead to a display, head over to the Button Museum. This is one of South Carolina’s hidden treasures, portraying years of hard work with a simple sense of creating a collection. Go ahead and learn all about buttons and the fun facts will keep you amused as you are reminded of them as you do your stitching at home!

Myrtle Beach

Get Infatuated with South Carolina2

A giant Ferris wheel, a beach of blue waters, a fine sandy beach to lay on, and friendly people walking about – this is what the Myrtle Beach is all about! The man made beach has been separate from the main land since 1936. Used to tourism and travelers, the Myrtle Beach now has everything that you as a traveler may need!

With the perfect amount of historic charm, modern civilization, and enough natural landscapes, South Carolina give you a trip that has everything!

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