5 Advertising Strategies to Drive Sales

There is no doubt that today every marketer and advertiser is sweating around to create right marketing strategies for their product and services to drive sales. In this cut throat competition, sales can only be achieved by implementing the right mix of marketing strategies. All this works in equal proportion that means anything less or anything higher will actually don’t work.

5 Advertising Strategies to Drive Sales
5 Advertising Strategies to Drive Sales

Consumers can not simply buy your products because they are cheap, or of high quality, in fact they buy because you make them buy. A good marketer can even sale higher cost or premium products to the consumers while there are also marketers who have failed to sell even cheap products to their consumers.

It all depends on these below 5 effective advertising strategies to drive sales.

  1. Engage the Audience: Most of the marketers fail to drive the sales despite of having a good product or services simply because they were not able to engage their audience. There is simply no rocket science require to understand this concept. This is a pure marketing gimmick and could be understood in simple term. As a consumer you came across so many advertisements all through the day and that include advertisement from all mediums and sources, but at the end of the day if someone ask you to recall the ad’s that you watched today in different sources than you could hardly tell one or two, now that called effective marketing. They have successfully able to engage their audiences and other marketers should learn from them.
  1. Grab their attention: You may now come across often about the marketing campaign which is been widely discussed over the social media because of various reasons. Today, every consumer came across so many products and services all through the day, but as a marketer how you make sure that your product or service is noticed by your target consumer. You can simply make sure this by grabbing their attention that can be done by serving a good content to the consumer that make them correlate themselves to the product or service.
  1. Define your positioning: Today it is important for every marketer to define the positioning of their products or services in order to drive sales. This can be better understood by a marketing campaign. For example suddenly due to the inflation the prices of fuel has raised up and at the same time an automaker launches a car that promises to provide higher fuel economy in its category. This will surely work to drive sales, rather launching that car in any other normal scenario. Therefore, these days positioning of the product or service is very important for any marketer to drive sales.
  1. Serve your customers: Most of the marketers today will often make this mistake by highly focusing on sales. Yes, it is important for any business, but one thing to be understood is that instead of focusing on sales they should focus on serving their customers. A consumer can only be driven to sales when they find people are there to help them and serve them and not just simply pushing their products to them. This is the best positive approach for driving good sales.
  1. Use ESP not USP: You might have heard about the term USP (Unique Selling Preposition) many times before, but that really don’t work today. Because today what works is ESP (Emotional Selling Preposition). As a marketer. You must make sure that each of your product or service should have an ESP rather than the USP. Most of the marketers successfully using this in their campaigns like for example in car ad instead of showing the car design or mileage marketers are showing child safety features of the car in order to connect emotions of a father for the well being of their child. When emotion comes into the picture than consumer never thought about the price or any other thing.

All these are quite essential and very effective advertising tactics that work very well inthe long run of a marketing campaign.

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