Jeep Transfer Cases Under $2000

Jeep Transfer Cases Under $2000

A Transfer Case enhances the vehicle’s ability to move on off-road without slipping or losing control. Most Transfer Cases operate on chain-driven technology to equally divide power supply amongst all vehicles’ wheels. Various Jeep Transfer Cases are available that need a case for driving 4WD in both high and low range.

Transfer Cases aren’t only costly, but they also need good maintenance to help a vehicle run smoothly. If a case leaks the engine oil or the vehicle gets rough, it’s a sign for you to get it replaced. Keeping the Transfer Case well lubricated will help it work for longer than expected durations.

Jeep NP229 Transfer Case

The Jeep NP 229 features an aluminum case that ensures the unit isn’t too heavy and uses a vacuum switch. The vacuum switch allows the unit to change from the 2WD drive to the 4WD drive. The NP 229 runs on the famous chain-driven technology for better output.

The case comes with a lever to shift between the three modes of driving: high, neutral, and low. The Jeep NP 229 works with various vehicles like Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wagoneer, and Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Jeep NP241 Transfer Case

The NP 241 Jeep Transfer Cases are also known as Rock Trac; it features a robust aluminum case body. Like most other transfer cases, the Jeep NP 241 also works using chain-driven technology for a smooth drive. The Yoke output in this transfer case is fixed in the rear part.

Powered with a 4.0:1 planetary reduction feature, the NP 241 makes for a heavy-duty transfer case for Jeep vehicles. The Jeep NP 241 works with Jeep Wranglers from 2003 onwards.

Jeep NP242J Transfer Case

The Jeep NP242J Transfer Case features a robust aluminum body, and it operates on chain-driven technology. This transfer case comes packed with three drive modes, known as 2WD, 4WD, and part-time 4WD. Moreover, the gear range of the NP242J is also relatively low at 2.72 to 1.

The design and the body of the Jeep NP242J case are durable to provide heavy-duty performance. Vehicles like Cherokee XJ, Wagoneer, and KJ Liberty may use the NP242J transfer case to perform better.

Jeep NP247 Transfer Case

The Jeep NP 247 Transfer Case comes with an aluminum body case and features manual shift. The case has twenty-three spline front input and a fixed yoke. The three drive modes that vehicles can run with this transfer case are, 4WD, Neutral and low 4WD.

The heavy-duty Jeep Transfer Cases works with a variety of vehicles, and its NP 247 model supports vehicles like Grand Cherokee. We recommend you to keep your Jeep NP 247 case well lubricated.


Transfer Cases tend to have a long life, which can be further extended with proper care and servicing. A well functional transfer case will ensure that the vehicle isn’t getting damaged while driving on different terrains. You should carefully check the model of your case before buying one.

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