Upgrades and Mods for Your 4×4 Because You Can

Upgrades and Mods for Your 4x4 Because You Can

The world of 4×4’s has evolved massively over the last 30-40 years, most probably due to the advancements in mechanics and technology, there are some features available these days that were the thing of dreams even going back 10-15 years. Some people are attracted to the home comforts that come with some of the latest offerings whereas there are those who just want a raw driving experience, probably what the 4×4 was originally designed for.

The choice is yours

The great thing about the evolution of 4×4’s means a growing interest for a number of reasons, there are new enthusiasts because perhaps they feel a certain loyalty to what 4×4’s used to be, some of them bringing old models back to life and even manufacturers building machines as ‘tributes’ to years gone past.

At the other end of the scale, you’ve got your 4×4 road drivers who likely have all the latest gadgets and gizmos although the only piece of off roading they’ve seen is parking on a verge, sounds a bit odd considering the purpose of a 4×4, but there are more 4×4’s on the road, taking kids to school or being used to drive to and from the office each day than ever before.

Who cares?

To be quite frank, it doesn’t really matter, each one of these customers has helped to keep some of the oldest automotive companies in business and because of the huge interest it brings some additional interesting options for drivers to choose from. You may have seen aftermarket TV shows boasting some of the most radical transformations of cars, but what about 4×4’s? You can see where this one is going……

Aftermarket mods and upgrades

As it happens, companies such as Nene Overland are now available and a quick look on the Internet might have you looking at where to get some disposable cash, some of the machines look truly awesome.

Because it is such a specialist area of expertise some aftermarket companies have agreements with the manufacturers that means that your manufacturer’s warranty wouldn’t be affected either, speaking of warranties, you might find this informative blog about protecting classic cars from theft, there are some interesting points to take note of if you have a classic.

The choices are endless too, whether you want to strip the interior and go for something old school but with maximum power and all the latest mechanics or you might just want a different look which is where things like body enhancements come in, you can literally refine or radicalise all you want. Here’s a quick list of some of the features you might want to add or upgrade.

Shocks – Exhausts – Tires – Intakes – Suspension – Traction – Digital – Breaking power – Lighting

Who to use?

This really is a personal choice, although you’d want to check the latest restrictions to make sure you can plan your build, you’d also likely want to go with a team that have manufacturer contacts and loads of experience a team who will understand your vision be it bare bones or high tech.

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