How to Make Yourself Marketable for a Job

With the economy in the shape it is currently in, jobs are generally very difficult to come by. We all likely know someone who is being directly affected by unemployment, or it may be you personally. If you are unemployed, the best thing to do is to concentrate all of your efforts on presenting yourself as employable and marketable as possible. I have some tips to share to help prepare you for the dog-eat-dog job market out there.

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It is competitive, and you must stand out and represent yourself as different from the rest. This is how you land a job, by selling yourself. Consumers want the best product for their money, and it is no different in the employment world.

The Right Job for You

Be sure to apply for jobs which you are well-qualified for and believe are a good fit for you. As much as you need a job, do not be quick to jump at the first one you see. Also, do not sell yourself short by settling for less. Go for what you really want because you will regret it in the end if you don’t.

Cover Letter

Prepare a professional and concise cover letter when submitting your resume and/or application for a job. Your cover letter should be specific to the position you are applying for, so you may need to customize each one. Your focus should be to relate your skills and experience to those highlighted in the job posting. Your cover letter is your first and best opportunity to make a good initial impression. If you are not sure how to create a cover letter and feel you need some guidance, you have a few options:

There are several good websites you can access which will give you pointers and guide you.
Microsoft Word offers a wizard program which will walk you through the entire process.
Have a qualified friend or family member assist you.
There are professional services available that can create one for you.


Prepare a top-notch resume. This is what is really going to sell you. It must capture a prospective employer’s interest, as this is your means of securing an interview. There are many types of resume styles to choose from. Use a style that compliments both your personality and career objectives. Your resume should be a one or two-page (at maximum) summary of your objectives, skills, accomplishments, experience and education. If you are not sure how to create a resume and feel you need some guidance, follow the same bulleted suggestions for creating a cover letter.

Follow these helpful tips and see if they make a difference for you in the responses you are receiving from prospective employers. Making a great first impression is the key to getting your foot in the door.

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