Which Comes First – Resume or Job Search?

To apply to any kind of job one needs to ensure having a proper resume and cover letter in hand. Having said that, it’s great to have these business documents, but useless if there’s no place to send them out to find employment. Finding a job is a full time job. Follow these guidelines to find the best personal route.

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Business Documents

Basically, these consist of the resume, cover letter, page of references, letters of reference, thank you notes, and a journal. The journal is to keep track of when and where (and what) has been sent, and to who (contact name if possible). Add in a follow up column as a reminder to actually follow up on any leads.

Don’t just use a generic resume or cover letter; ensure both highlight personal talent as pertaining to the position being advertised. Thank you notes however, can be used by just changing the contact name and some pertinent information. Letters of reference of course should be copied as is; pages of reference can be modified to suit each job, if there are enough candidates for one to choose from.

Job Searching

First steps include checking out job search sites on the internet, as well as local employment offices. It’s a good idea to copy/paste the ad from the internet into a word document of choice for future reference and easy access when creating a cover letter to go with that job. More importantly though is to use the power of networking and create personal business cards. Use these handy mini resumes to personal advantage – give them to friends and co-workers to hand out, and of course to hand out to those quick meetings with potential clients or employers. Finding a job is often a matter of timing – being at the right place at the right time.

So Which First – Documents or Job Search?

While this really is a personal preference – applying to a job without the necessary documents just doesn’t cut it. If a business acquaintance has a potential job, but there’s no quick personal mini-resume card to hand over for contact and salient points of experience, then that opportunity is lost. Most job listings are open for at least a week – enough time to get proper business documents together. So the best bet is to create the best possible resume and cover letter – and be prepared to change it for each position applied.

Bottom Line

Finding a job is a full time job, so spend the time wisely. Just remember it is a personal journey as one figures out which to spend the time on – business documents which consist of resume, cover letter, references and thank you notes; or job searches to find places of potential employment. It is recommended to get the business documents ready first – so that these can be handed out in a moment’s notice.

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