Some Professional Tips When You Are On A Job

It is always suggested to appreciate every job is a sales job. It is very true and one should not move too often. Below are some professional tips when you are at a job:


Treat you are lucky to have the job

It is amazingly fabulous for you to get the opportunity of getting the job as there are many brilliant people who may be better perfect than you. Just don’t waste your time and do something good with what you have.

Unknown mix of luck and judgement

Always know that you need to do a good job on the things that come within your control. Be well-prepared and implement the process with positive attitude. Also, be respectful towards the work and follow strong risk management.

Know every job is a sales job

Yes, this is very true. Without any profit or benefit there would be no job. Know that most of our life is about managing expectations. Always try to be over-selling and know how to raise the bar. Be very clear in order and don’t try to fail.

Choose better boss

This may be a hard job for a fresh job as literally you know nothing about the boss. Even you don’t know who would be a good boss. Just think about the values and try to find out whether those are reflected in your boss. If you find your boss is not getting some core stuff like personal integrity or centrality of the client, it is right time to change the boss.

Don’t do job hopping too much

You may have a good reason to quit your first job, but it is important to stick for about two years as you are being paid there to learn. Initially your jump may benefit you in terms of money, but in the long run no employer wants to hire such candidate who has a history of not sticking around. It is suggested to move internally instead of externally.

The part will become your profession

This too is very true. You are not born as journalist, fund manager, psychiatrists or accountants. You spend years in building up your identity. After years you become a person of your profession and start making peace with it.

Do ask silly questions

This is something really important. It is not bad to ask silly questions. Do continue the habit as the more you know you don’t know, the more you know. Never be scared of question.

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