Tips On How To Win Scrabble Word Game Easily

Tips On How To Win Scrabble Word Game Easily

Most of us surely enjoy playing Scrabble, but winning the game usually becomes a distance job. The fun word game stimulates our thought process and forces us to conceptualize as well as remember words which are not in use in our day-to-day conversations for years.

Those who have not yet played Scrabble Word Game may think it is tough and requires a genius brain to crack how to score high and how to win. In fact, it is to be noted that the game is easy to play and to some extent it has a format of high level of challenge.

Players who are a bit experienced playing Scrabble game try to get highest Scrabble words on the board like playing a seven-letter word can be good and fifty points are immediately awarded playing all the seven tiles, which is called a bingo.

However, though it is sounding easy but a good luck is required to get highest scoring Scrabble words like JUKEBOX (77 points), MUZJIKS (79 points), SQUEEZE (75 points) and QUICKLY (75 points).

With eight-letter bingo you can earn comparatively more points like the word QUIZZIFY will fetch you 91 points. It is highly suggested to keep these words in head so that your winning chance increases, of course if you are lucky and get a lucky draw.

There’s one more good way to score high in the game. You can play parallel words, if possible. For this strategy you need to know all the two letter words. There are at least 100 such words in Oxford dictionary.

However, it is strongly suggested here not to play the parallel words all the time. It may block parts of the board. If your opponents follow the same strategy, the board may soon become unplayable.

Many players are seen playing the game with another, rather different, strategy. They use a letter tile to a word that has been already played in the game and add own word. Here’s a tip, just add the letter ‘S’ at the end of a word like SATURN will become SATURNS and KITE will be KITES. You will score high as you will get points for KITES and also for SATURN.

Apart from all these, it is recommended to know lots of words that use letters Q, X and Z. These three letters are highest scoring ones. This is the fourth technique and your winning chance increases immensely.

If you are smart, and luck favors you, you can strategically place these letters on a double or triple point square and core some really high points playing Scrabble.

Lastly, if you are more conscious to be winning-is-a-must, you can use Scrabble Word Finder tool. It will help you in searching for words which carries high score. You can determine the highest tiles and give your skill a boost.

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