A Step By Step Guide On Hosting A Birthday Party For Kids

A Step By Step Guide On Hosting A Birthday Party For Kids

The most common way to have a birthday party is by having it at home. This allows you to decorate the house or backyard with parties supplies and games. You can also host the party outside in your backyard, which is cost-effective but requires planning for weather conditions. Lastly, if your child wants to have a party somewhere else, you can rent out space at a local community center or country club.

A birthday party should have a theme throughout the whole party, such as color scheme and games. You can choose your child’s favorite color and decorate accordingly or create an overstated theme for the children to enjoy, such as nautical-themed water slides in Waterloo, kids foam party los angeles, or jungle-themed obstacle courses in Oregon.

Games are also a large part of birthday parties, especially with children. Many types of fun games can be played at the child’s birthday party, but some of the most popular include Pin The Tail On The Donkey or musical chairs. You can also order a photo booth for your party where each guest has their picture.

Types of Decorations

You can purchase all types of decorations, from large inflatable structures to paper plates and balloons. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you how much time, energy, and money you want to put into the day-of details. Whatever your budget is, there is something for everyone, no matter what class in society.

Things You Can Rent for a Party

Inflatable structures that stay inflated with an outlet or generator to plug into. These can be as simple as a slide or as complex as a water park with slides and pools for children to play in.

If you plan on having the party inside your house, community center, or country club dining room, tables and chairs.

Ordering a Photo Booth

A photo booth is trendy at parties where it takes pictures of the kids, usually before opening presents. It can be rented from local party stores and comes complete with different backdrops such as cartoon characters, solid colors, glittery backgrounds, etc. Ensure that the company you order from sends a photo booth attendant with the booth and printed out copies of all pictures taken.

Ideas on How to Decorate Your House and Backyard

If your child’s birthday falls over the summer, you can decorate with hanging balloons and streamers. During wintertime, you can turn Christmas lights throughout your house and outside, along with colorful holiday inflatables like snowmen and candy canes.

You can decorate your house or backyard in any way that you like. What types of decorations you want to buy, rent, or make (if they are edible) is up to you. You can use different color schemes for each decoration or try having fun with any theme that your child chooses.

Games to Play with Guests including Examples

There are many different types of games you can play at a kid’s party. If the weather is nice, it might be fun to have a big water fight with squirt guns and water balloons where all the children can splash around until they get tired. Some other games you can incorporate into your party could be musical chairs, freeze dance, duck-duck-goose, etc. You also have to think about how old your child’s friends are and how competitive they want the games to be.

There are many games to choose from, but it is best to choose games of skill instead of luck because younger children may not understand certain game concepts, so it’s better to keep them separated into age groups whenever possible.

  • Freeze dance: Have the kids stand in a circle and play fast-paced music while everyone dances until the music stops playing. When the music stops, whoever is standing still in the middle of the circle gets frozen out and must sit down. The game continues until it gets down to one kid who wins.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey: Blindfold each child and spin them around three times before they try to pin a tail on an image of a donkey. This game works well with younger children because older kids might not understand how to play correctly.
  • Musical chairs: Play classical music while the guests walk around the room looking for a seat. When you stop playing music, be sure that there are enough seats for all of your guests but make sure that there are more chairs than children so that everyone has a chance.
  • Red light, green light: Choose one child to be “it” and stand on the other side of the room. Everyone sits down in a line looking towards “it” while “it” stands across the room. When you say green light, everyone starts moving closer to “it.” One child can get up and run away when you yell red light, which takes away an opportunity for another kid to move closer because not everyone has a chance.
  • Dance party: Pick your favorite upbeat dance songs, and kids will enjoy it even if they don’t know how to dance. You can also play freeze dance or musical chairs while music is playing, so both games go hand in hand with this idea.
  • Sack race: Each child gets in a sack or bag from your nearest department store, and races across the yard as those without sacks try to tag as many people as they can. The last person who isn’t tagged wins!
  • Water balloon toss: Give each guest two water balloons filled with water or filled with confetti, depending on their age and where you are hosting the party. Let them toss their balloons into buckets that you place strategically throughout your yard.
  • Limbo: Have each child hold a stick with their hands and walk under the stick without touching it as you lower it to see who can go the lowest. This game works well with little kids because not all of them understand how to play without getting hurt by the stick.

The best way to get started planning your next big kid’s celebration is by asking yourself these questions: Do I want my kids’ friends over? What games do I want to play with them? Where am I going to hold the party? Will adults be helping? Once you have those questions answered and plan out the theme, you’re good to go!

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