What To Know Before Going For American Idol Audition

Are you well prepared? American Idol is coming to Pittsburgh. The producers from music industry are all prepared to hunt for talented singers, who will first appear in the 16th season of the reality show. Auditions may begin at around 9 a.m. on September 3 in Bakery Square, 6425 Penn Ave. Below are some basic suggestions if you are hopeful at the American Idol.

american idol


You need to be between 15 and 28 years by June 11 and legal residents of United States with no contractual obligations so that if you win there would not be any kind obligation in entering into recording and merchandising contracts.

Apart from this, it is also required the participants should not run for public office until one year after the final episode is aired.

What to bring

american idol audition

You need carry a valid ID proof for age verification and a solo photograph with you for participating in the American Idol audition. You also need to sign a release before auditioning. It is also suggested to register online to save time on audition day.

Only one person can accompany the participant and kids below the age of 5 are not allowed at the auditions. The under 18 participants need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Participants cannot wear clothing having copyright images, brand names or obscene messages. The same goes with tattoos too.

Participants and the person who accompany should carry umbrella or sunscreen as the auditions will be held regardless of weather.

No one are allowed to carry prohibited items like alcohol, mattresses, backpacks, cans, animals, bottles, coolers, folding chairs, tents, video cameras or fireworks.

What to sing

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Bands, recorded music or back-up singers are not allowed. The participants can sing any song a cappella that may be best to him or her in showing talent. It is suggested to prepare at least three songs as one may be asked to sing two.


Apart from all these the participants are suggested to arrive early at the audition place. There will be huge rush and some hopefuls may be lining up as early as 4 a.m. and so don’t fret. Just try to reach as early as possible.

Audition may proceed in order of arrival and it may also be possible the producers may ask participants to perform while in line. So it is better to be prepared for any such thing, even you may be advanced for any reason.

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