Tips for Organising Memorable Hen Parties

Tips for Organising Memorable Hen Parties

If you need to organise a hen party for a friend who will soon get married, you might be busy with all the details. You also feel pressure because you are doing it for someone you love. Hen party needs to be memorable since this is the last wild party your friend is having before tying the knot. There are ways to make this party something everyone will remember forever.

Make it a surprise, but find out what the bride-to-be hates

Hen parties need to be a surprise. Everyone attending the party must be there after sending out a secret invitation. Your friend who will get married soon will only know on the night of the party. Make sure that she also has nothing on her plate on that night.

Keep all details a surprise, but make sure you know her well. If the party involves something she would possibly hate, cancel it. You can go wild and crazy, but still be respectful. Strippers are a classic when it comes to these parties, but some women are not okay with it. You need to avoid it if you know your friend will despise it.

Work with other people

Find other people you trust, including your other closest friends. The husband-to-be might also be involved if he can guarantee that he will keep the details a secret. When you work with other people, you can come up with the craziest ideas for a memorable party. They might also know the bride in ways you don’t.

Have fun, but don’t embarrass the future bride

Hen party

You can have games and other exciting activities where everyone will laugh. You can also have as much booze as you want. However, make sure that nothing in the party will embarrass the bride. You don’t want her walking out of the party, because it will not be a party anymore.

Try a life drawing party

Life drawing is awkward and pretty crazy. However, if you don’t want to hire a stripper, but still have a sexy male figure for women to see, it is a good idea. You can have a party where the girls need to draw a nude model. The bride-to-be will also be a part of it. The good thing is that the party will not be too disrespectful since you are doing art. It might be an excuse to have a naked guy, but it is art nonetheless. You can even include a professional to provide training during the drawing process if you want to take it seriously. Check out hen party life drawing UK companies offer for more information regarding this type of party.

Set a budget

The future couple already has a lot to pay for in preparation for the wedding. The party is not a part of that. Therefore, you need to shoulder the cost or ask for help from your closest friends. Set a budget if you want everyone to give their share. There are simple activities that everyone can have fun with, and not break the bank.

It is exciting to have this party and be the chief organiser. Think of how this will make your friend delighted.

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