How To Avoid Getting Cheated By Scholarship Scams

Scholarship is a very beautiful arrangement to support merit students, but over the past many years scammers have tapped the system to cheap innocent people. Below are some of the ways how you can avoid getting cheated:

scholarship scam


If the scholarship application asks you for a fee, take note that it is a scam. The scammers may also claim the fee will be refunded, but later does not return the paid money saying you are not qualified for the scholarship.

Scholarship searching services

There are several agents, consultancy firms and even websites that claim to search appropriate scholarships for you and some of them even require an upfront payment as service charge for the searching on your behalf. They may seem safe but most of them are scammers. They try to steal your identity by asking invasive questions.

Open eligibility

There are scammers who claim anyone can apply for the scholarship regardless of achievements, academic or otherwise. It is to take note here the scholarships are only given to those who are in need of financial help for the studies and are good in academic.

scholarship scam

Guaranteed scholarship services

Nothing in this world is guaranteed and so the financial scholarships. Those who claim money back guarantee are real scam. Many also guarantee a monetary prize, but remember scholarship is based on merit and a prize guarantee on application is the brain child of scammer.

Time sensitivity

Those scholarships that claim to offer on first come first serve basis is definitely scam as the concept of scholarship is to support financial weaker student who is good in academic. So whenever you find time sensitive scholarship, think before applying.

No applications required

Many get calls from scammers that you have won an exclusive scholarship. They usually make phone calls to get information to steal your identity. If you submit documents with application, keep a record of those so that you can know whether you have indeed submitted an application. If you feel something wrong may happen, ask the scholarship representative to give you some more time to look over the information.

Avoid Scholarship Scams


Some may come up with more generalized way like pushy advertisements that may read “you won’t get this information anywhere else” or “thousands of students have applied for scholarship to them.” Many may also claim a lot of students have received scholarships from them in past.

Bottom line

It is highly suggested to be very alert even though it is true you need money for your further studies. However, you must never fall in trap. If ever you find such fraudulent activity, simply report to the appropriate government agencies.

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