3 Sectors of the Gaming Industry Worth Following

3 Sectors of the Gaming Industry Worth Following

Though we might have a particular view of what the gaming industry might look like, this is actually a very wide and varied area. It is entirely possible to focus on one sector without paying much mind to some of the others. Here are three sectors of the gaming industry that might prove to be interesting to those who want to get to know these areas a little closer.


Indie Games

One area that always proves to be popular is that of indie games. Publishing platforms like Steam and the various app stores means that it is easier than ever for small companies and individuals to publish their games.

The main thing to remember with the indie sector is that there are a lot of underdeveloped games here. Many people try to put something simple up when it could have benefitted from a little more development. However, every now and then, you do see an indie game emerge onto the market that is finished to a high standard. Such games will often quickly gain cult followings, and the people behind them can often be found either developing new titles or heading into roles with major studios.


The eSports sector has exploded in the last few years. What was once a very small part of the gaming industry is now attracting mainstream attention and investments from industry leaders like Tej Kohli and Chris Fralic to celebrities like Michael Jordan and Drake.

One of the latest moves in the industry has been to create multi-purpose arenas. While they might have been developed for eSports competitions, these can also host concerts and conferences. They can also form community hubs that can be used as spaces where amateur players can come to enjoy their favourite games.

Console Development

While game development is certainly a big part of the wider industry, efforts are also driven forward by console development. When a big and exciting new console is launched, we often see a rush of people looking to try it out. With this comes new games and ports of old classics.

Just look at how platforms from Nintendo like the Switch and the Wii caused an impact in the industry as a whole. If you want to know what the future of the gaming industry might look like, you need only look as far as the latest developments in consoles. From the advancement of VR to the latest updates for classics like Xbox and PlayStation, the moves here can often dictate the direction of the rest of the industry.

The gaming industry is truly an interesting sector, and so many of the parts of this world can have an impact on another. If you want to follow the gaming industry on a much closer level, one of the best ways to do so is to take an interest in one of the sectors listed above. All three have many developments, and will always have something happening that could catch your attention.

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