5 Great Games Making a Comeback in 2015

2015 was a great year for gaming. We saw the release of a new Mortal Kombat title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and a series of other great – and not so great – titles. One that I have anticipated the most – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – was a total waste of time, unfortunately. But hey, the year has not ended yet. Unfortunately the triple A studios of the gaming industry seem to suffer “Hollywood’s disease”, choosing to reach back to franchises that were once successful instead of giving us new stories and characters to root for. Players get bored of the same heroes time after time.

Oh well… instead of complaining of the lack of originality, let’s see which games are set to make a comeback this year.

5 Great Games Making a Comeback in 2015
5 Great Games Making a Comeback in 2015

1. Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderTomb Raider was revived several times until today. First launched in the late 1990s, the video game follows the attractive and adventurous Lara Croft (a bit like a female Indiana Jones) across her adventures through jungles and cities and virtually any other setting, in search for artifacts. This year’s title will be the sequel to the series’ second reboot released two years ago. It will be an Xbox exclusive this year (November, as you might have expected), followed by a PC and PS4 release in 2016.

Tomb Raider is a very popular franchise. It has been released on virtually all platforms, in many forms, even in the form of a slot machine. Created by Isle of Man based under an exclusive deal with Eidos, the Tomb Raider video slot machine has celebrated its tenth birthday this year. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is one of the over 700 games you can play at the Royal Vegas online casino, joined by several other movie and video game based slots and other games there. The game is a truly cross-platform release: it runs on J2ME devices, as a web app, an Android app and a HTML5 game as well as in Flash and in the Royal Vegas downloadable suite. This game also got a sequel: the 2008 Secret of the Sword has become one of the most popular titles at Royal Vegas. Its popularity is due to the theme, the attractive protagonist, or maybe the series of special offers and promotions the Royal Vegas casino has to offer to its players.

2. Xcom

X-COMAnother title from the 1990s, making another comeback this year. X-COM was a famous turn-based strategy game released in 1994 for DOS. The game was successfully rebooted by Firaxis in 2012, and this year’s release will be a sequel to this title. As you might have expected, it comes in November.


3. Star Wars

Star WarsWith the new movie incoming, it was normal to expect a new game to be released from the Star Wars universe. But Star Wars Battlefront, the game in the works at DICE, looks the most impressive of them all. Let’s see if the Force will be strong with this one – in November.


4. Fallout

FalloutAfter a hiatus of five years, Fallout fans will finally get a new game, simply called Fallout 4. This time the character you play with will be a bit more personified, emerging from a nuclear shelter 200 years after the bombs drop. The new game is said to be Fallout 3 meets Metal Gear Solid 5, which sounds great. Again, November.


5. Mad Max

Mad MaxMad Max has made his epic comeback this year on the big screen. No wonder a video game release will soon follow. The first video game released in the franchise was… let’s just say, a limited success. The new video game will be nothing like its predecessor – there will be a lot of looting, neck-breaking and crazy driving, thanks to Avalanche Studios, the developer behind the Just Cause series.

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