How To Buy Game Titles At Discount

Buying games is not wallet friendly, but here are some out of the track tips for Steam users to save money on your next purchases. Just have a look:

steam summer sale

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Its an annual tradition, but many may not know what’s the exact date when the Steam Summer Sale 2017 will kick off. A tweet from the Official PayPal account of money handlers reveal the date is June 22 and to end on July 5.

It is also learned through unofficial sources UK gamers to get 5 pounds off on purchase of games worth at least 20 pounds, but the payment needs to be done through PayPal.

As of now there is no news or information on similar offer for other countries.

Games listed on Steam Summer Sale

Officially the titles have not been announced that would fetch good discount for gamers, but the expecations can be understood if taken a look to last year’s offerings.

Note that brand new games will not be made available with deep discounts. Big hit titles may fetch 5 to 10 percent of discounts.

Other games may fetch around 25 percent of discounts, but don’t be surprised if couple of titles may come with even 90 percent discounts.

How to get Steam Summer Sale deals

You will surely get something at a good discount whichever way you approach to the sale. However, certain techniques and tricks are still required to save more money. Below are some details to it:

– Drop your favorite titles into wishlist so that you are alerted when there’s a price drop.

– Try to buy games in bundles as publishers offer good discount on packs of titles.

– Opt for highlighted deals as you will save good money there. You can see those on the front splash page.

– Only buy those games which you will readily play and not keep it for future playing.

– Make use of the Enhanced Steam browser extension to get informed on good deals.

– There are certain websites that offer information of best buys or best deals or best discounts. Visit those and subscribe their alerts.

– Apart from all these, keep an eye on old games which sometimes come with great offers.

– You can also check for some of the best free games to play. You will enjoy those too without paying any penny.

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