How To Keep Yourself Safe At Music Festivals

Festival season is right away and you may be attending couple of music fests too, but it is urged to keep yourself safe. Below are some important tips how to enjoy the music festival to the fullest while being in good health and good mood of course:

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Buddy system

Many may not understand what is buddy system and how it benefits while you are at a music fest. Simply go to the festival in group and create your own circle in which each one will be responsible for others to offer help. The system is handy and is a great support when you don’t feel well. If you feel like dehydrated, inform the mates in the system and let them know what is going on.

Drink juice

It is to note that alcohol dehydrates. Go for energy drinks as it will provide the balance of water as well as electrolytes. Don’t think that you need to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout. The quantity is based on BMI, age, weather, and level of activity as well. However, you can maintain an average of two to four eight ounce cups per hour.

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Tell truth

If you feel wrong, tell the truth. You won’t get in trouble. Keep a check that you and your friends are okay at the music fest.


Share your snack or drink if you find someone is in need of it. However, it is highly suggested not to take food or drink from strangers as you may land in real trouble.

stay hydrated at music fest

Play nice

Don’t push others to get a better place, don’t steal someone’s better place, and don’t take things which are not yours. Note that starting fight with strangers could also be dangerous and put you in big trouble. You may also be kicked out of the music festival.

Listen carefully

Pay attention to the announcements made over the lloud speaker. If you are well aware of it, you will understand what to do in related situations. If you don’t listen, you may be unaware of the harmful situation.

Healthy snacks

Always try to pack healthy snacks with you. It is true we love snacks of outside, but those may risk your health. While, packing your snacks, don’t include anything that can be messy as you may be eating while standing.

Have enough sleep time the previous night

It is obvious you may not enjoy the music fest if you have not slept in past 24 hours. It is highly suggested to have a good sleep before heading to the festival.

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