Health Tips To Follow While Playing Video Games

Video games are good. Gaming improves reflexes, critical thinking and also benefits several other stuff. But it is the real driver for body damage. It worsens physical fitness and in many cases lead to paralysis too. Lower back pain is a big issue with it. However, you don’t need to worry a lot and enjoy the less. Below are some tips how to keep yourself fit amid playing video games:

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Back pain cause

Human body craves variety and feeding it with one posture for long can become harmful to the joints and muscles. While gaming we hardly think about correct body posture and back pain complain starts thereafter with strain or sprain in one of the muscles.

If you damage the disks in the spine, it is more dangerous. It is caused by bending motions where the back is not straight but rounded. This results disks getting pushed into the spinal cord nerves. The situation may sometime lead to paralysis too.

Pause button

health tips

It is highly suggested to pause the game for shorter duration in between playing time. Walk away from machine for a little bit. Always try to keep the gaming sessions to a reasonable length of time. It is valuable for your body to push the pause button for about five to ten minutes after every half or one hour.

Even though you are not giving your body a massive break, but the body will definitely thank you for it. Also, after a five minute break you will find yourself performing better.

Fix setup

It is obvious you won’t concentrate on adjusting your posture while caught in an interesting game. It is suggested to do a little prep work before you start playing.

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Ensure that your feet are planted flat on the floor and keep the top edge of the monitor to natural resting eye level. The correct head and feet posture will pay real dividends to your body.

Furniture adjustment is important too. The best way to do is to buy a gaming chair that automatically helps in shaping up your body in the correct position while playing.

Post injury

It is suggested to visit medical expert, physiotherapy or doctor for back pain complaints before starting any exercise program. Also, stretch your body everyday to increase flexibility and reduce back pain. It overcome strains and strengthens the core muscles.

There are other exercises too, but better if those are suggested by medical experts. Consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before implementing.

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