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Retro games online – For the most part, Mario retro game tend to feature high-quality gameplay that is frantic, intense, and most importantly fun. The portly plumber made his debut in a platform game, but it didn’t take long for Nintendo to star their mascot in puzzle games, party games, racing games, sports games, and RPGs. To many gamers, platformers and RPGs are the two genres where Mario retro game excels the most.

Mario retro game

Mario Retro Game Platformers

When it comes to Mario Retro Game platformers, it would be hard to argue against the fact that Mario retro game is one of the most iconic characters in the genre. After appearing in the arcade game Donkey Kong, Mario retro game eventually set out on what people consider the game that changed the industry. Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized gaming and paved the way for the entertainment form.

Since that time, Mario has appeared in over a dozen platformers and has broken out of the 2D realm. Super Mario 64 managed to take all the elements of the side-scrolling games that came before it and implemented them into a completely 3D gaming experience. This was a first for the series and gaming as a whole, and it set the bar for future Mario titles even higher.

Mario RPGs

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo. Not only was this game a change of pace for the series, but it was a completely different kind of Mario experience unlike any of its predecessors. What seemed like a standalone title eventually spawned a number of sequels in games such as Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

What has made the Mario RPG series so successful is its ability to mesh elements from the Mario universe with standard RPG gameplay. This results in quirky, humorous, and entertaining games that have the feel of a Mario platformer, but still contain all the elements that make RPGs engaging games.

Super Paper Mario – RPG and Platforming Gameplay

In 2007, Nintendo decided to release a new Paper Mario game for the Wii. Titled Super Paper Mario, the game featured a lot of platforming gameplay but also implemented the RPG elements seen in previous Paper Mario games. The game wasn’t completely perfect by any means, but it was still an excellent title, and one of the Wii’s best offerings at the time.

Nintendo’s ability to create an authentic Mario platformer while still catering to the RPG audience helped the game reach high levels of success. Stages were lengthier than in most other Mario platformers, players could level up their characters, and item usage was prominent throughout the game. Super Paper Mario was for all intents and purposes a game that any Mario fan could enjoy.

Super Mario Platformers and RPGs

Some fans prefer the Mario platform games due to their simple and intuitive running and jumping gameplay. Others stay loyal to the Mario RPGs and appreciate the series’ traditional RPG format/Mario series charm combination. Ultimately, both series are addictive, well-crafted, and fun entries into the long-lasting franchise, and it’s great that there is something for everyone who chooses to follow the Mario brand.

2D Platform Games on the Nintendo Wii Console

Modern games are often all about high resolution 3D graphics, so old-school gamers will have been delighted by the release of a number of fantastic 2D games, which threw out modern ideas and graphical trickery in favour of a return to classic 20th century 2D gameplay.

2D Platform Game – Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a revival of the classic 1990s 2D platform game series which found huge success on the 16 bit Super Nintendo (SNES) console.

Donkey Kong Country Returns offers a serious challenge to gamers, with a very high difficulty level requiring pixel-perfect leaps. All but the most expert players will need to use a huge amount of extra lives and continues to make it through the later levels.

Despite the straightforward 2D platform gameplay, Donkey Kong Country Returns features some of the finest graphics to be found on the Nintendo Wii, and several of the levels make use of 3D effects, with Donkey Kong running and jumping on platforms located at various depths on the screen.

The unforgiving gameplay should not put people off as the game is never unfair, and never impossible—learning monsters’ attack patterns and becoming expert at the controls usually means gamers will advance just a little bit further on every turn.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a fantastic revival and, barring some small issues with the motion controls used for special moves, offers a practically flawless and highly addictive 2D platform game experience.

2D Platformer – New Super Mario Bros Wii

Despite a slightly mixed reaction from some Mario devotees on release, New Super Mario Bros Wii offers dozens of brand new 2D Mario levels, along with brand new multiplayer features, allowing up to four players to race through the levels together.

Serious gamers are probably more likely to play through the game in single player mode, and the game is great for this purpose, with the trademark collectibles and secret areas sure to keep Mario fans happy for days.

The multiplayer mode is a fun diversion for friends, offering the ability to both help and hinder fellow players. It may not, however, be the easiest way to complete the game!

Sonic 4 – A New Sonic 2D Platform Game

Sonic games have been through some hard times since they broke the 2D platform formula and attempted various 3D gaming styles, with varying levels of success—usually ranging from “terrible” to “just OK.”

The launch of Sonic 4 is therefore a good reason for fans of the original games on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) to breathe a sigh of relief and see the Sega mascot return to previous form.

Starting off with a fairly simple game world (with more than a passing resemblance to the Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game), the game worlds become progressively more modern and hectic.

The casino-themed world uses some modern (if slightly garish) graphics and feels just right – classic, frantic Sonic gameplay brought bang up-to-date.

Somewhat unusually, Sonic 4 is being released in “episode” stages via the Wii’s online Wiiware service, with four worlds forming each episode. Each episode is likely to be over quite quickly for hardcore gamers.

The 2D platform game revival will be great news to old school gamers, and shouldn’t be overlooked by those with more modern tastes! This classic gameplay mechanic still has much to offer.

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