Scribblenauts guide action solutions 1-7 – 1-11

Scribblenauts offers truly unique, open-ended, “emergent gameplay” for the Nintendo DS Lite / DSi handheld gaming systems by developer 5th Cell. The main character Maxwell must solve puzzles by summoning objects, creatures, and people using the DS Stylus and writing the objects to make them spring to life. Write “Vampire” and a Vampire appears, write “Holy Water” and Maxwell can throw Holy Water at the Vampire to kill him.

Scribblenauts guide action solutions 1-7 - 1-11

Read this Scribblenauts Walktrhough for solutions lists, hints, tips, and strategies for the first half of the action levels in World 1, The Gardens, for Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS / DSi.

World 1 The Gardens Action Level 1-7 Solutions

Difficulty: 2 Star, Par: 4 Hint – Definitely not in Kansas… oh wait!

Easy Solutions: A Tornado blocks Maxwell’s straightaway to the Starite. It’s possible to barely sneak over the whirling natural disaster with a flying object such as a Jetpack or Winged Shoes, though it may take quite a few tries and a bit of luck. For an easier solution, Maxwell could eliminate the Tornado with a Black Hole, or make it a more manageable size by shooting it with a Shrink Ray.

Crazy Solutions: For all those lazy risk-takers out there, Maxwell can write Fan near the Starite and blow it directly into the Tornado. With a little luck, the Starite will fly right into Maxwell’s waiting hands!

World 1 The Gardens Action Level 1-8 Solutions

Difficulty: 2 Star, Par: 4 Hint – Watch out for those barracudas!

Easy solutions: The Starite dangles above a pool of hungy barracudas. For an easier solution, Maxwell can write Jetpack and Rope to pull the Starite out of the hole. Or, writing a powerful sea creature such as a Shark or Alligator should be able to take out those barracudas, allowing the Starite to fall safely into the water with Maxwell following shortly behind.

Crazy Solutions: Writing in Toaster, TV, Hairdryer, or other electric and placing it in the water will zap the barracudas. However, this must be done before the Starite falls in, otherwise the Starite will likely be destroyed in the process.

World 1 The Gardens Action Level 1-9 Solutions

Scribblenauts guide action solutions

Difficulty: 2 Star, Par: 4 Hint – Watch your step!

Easy Solutions: A Lava Spout or Fire Vent melts the ice block and will frighten the bear to jump off the cliff, very likely to fight the polar bear below. Maxwell can use this distraction to equip a Parachute and land safely to the Starite below. Maxwell could also use a Flamethrower, and then use Glue and a Platform on the metal below the starite to create a safe place to jump.

Crazy Solutions: Need to take out a powerful foe huh? If Maxwell writes Wizard and places him next to the ice block, the Wizard will use his magical powers to take out the ice block and the bear! Then it’s just a matter of getting to the Starite. For more elaborate means, Maxwell can summon a Helicopter and place a Pilot inside, then move the helicopter below. Don’t worry, Maxwell won’t be harmed by the spinning blades.

World 1 The Gardens Action Level 1-10 Solutions

Difficulty: 2 Star, Par: 4 Hint – A tale of two tripwires!

Easy Solutions: Maxwell can take the difficult path by eliminating the shark with an electrical object like a Toaster, then making his way through the lake with a swimming object such as a Oxygen Tank, and finally reaching the Starite with a flying object like Wings. Scribblenauts teaches that the most obvious answer is rarely the easiest. Instead of all that hassle, attach three Balloons (Fun) to the Starite, having it float up so it doesn’t fall down once the tripwire is activated. Or, attach Metal using Glue to the Starite, and drag the Starite to safety with a Magnet.

Crazy Solutions: For a daring solution, Maxwell can use a Tornado to knock the Starite into his hands (this also risks blowing the Starite completely off the map). Or, for those who don’t mind exploiting cheats and glitches, Maxwell can summon a Truck, and, by placing the truck so that the driver’s seat is past the tripwire, when Maxwell gets in the truck, he will be in the driver’s seat and won’t set off the tripwire!

World 1 The Gardens Action Level 1-11 Solutions


Difficulty: 3 Star, Par: 3 Hint – Sometimes things are exactly what they seem!

Easy Solutions: Just in case the Starite falls into the water, summoning a powerful sea creature like a Kraken can take out that beastly shark, or, an electrical appliance like a TV can shock the creature to death. Then, Maxwell can place certain objects on or nearby the spike to make sure the Starite falls to safety. A Table can rest atop the steel spike without being destroyed, while two Metal Boxes beside the spike can create a safe area for the Starite to fall. Then, it’s just a matter pressing the switch by either dropping a heavy item like an Anvil or Statue, or by jumping on top of it. And finally, reaching the Starite requires either a flying object like Wings or Winged Shoes, or if it falls, a swimming object like an Oxygen Tank or Diving Helmet.

Crazy Solutions: Isn’t there a simpler, far more crazy way of approaching the situation? Yes. Simply attaching a Pillow to the tip of the metal spike with Glue will allow the Starite to fall gently and safely, allowing Maxwell to pick up the Starite by reaching it with a flying object.

The Gardens Solutions 1-7 – 1-11 Conclusion

Scribblenauts features nearly infinite solutions to it’s myriad of puzzles. Need to get the creative juices flowing? Reading up on word lists might help. Be sure and check out the Scribblenauts Weapons List and Scribblenauts People List to get some ideas.

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