Success and failure of in game brands in real world

Success and failure of in-game brands in real world Success and failure of in game brands in real world

We all love to play fictional games but a team at Betway loves categorizing these based on measurable values like which are the top overall game brands or which are the least valuable ones. The eagle-eyed professionals there have tried to reveal which brands in the niche are breaking billion dollar barrier or which brands have the best net worth employee.

According to Betway, eCola, The Smokin' Beef Grill and Nabcom are the top three most successful in-game brands. The overall scores of the three are 8,303,087, 8,300,039 and 1,100,051 respectively. The franchise for first two is GTA while the third is Doom.

Similarly, if taken a look at the Betway infographics, the top 5 most valuable fictional brands are Red Rocket for Fallout, Umbrella Corporation for Resident Evil, Vladof for Borderlands, Power Cola for Two Crude Dudes and Nuka Cola for again Fallout.

The net worth of Red Rocket is about $189 billion while the distant second and third are at $131bn and $124bn respectively. The Power Cola and Nuka Cola are below the $100bn mark.

Betway follows unique scoring system for developing the infographics titled Brand Theft Auto -Headlines and Angles. It collects data from real-world reference brands and ranks the fictional brands in order of overall value and success. And definitely the results of the team’s effort are surprising.

assasin creed Success and failure of in game brands in real world

If you have played Assassin’s Creed and loved the game for its great features and superior gaming experience, you may not agree that its in-game brand Abstergo is ranked in the infographics of Betway as the least valuable fictional brand in gaming.

Similarly, Fallout’s Red Rocket is placed at the top position of the most valuable fictional brands in gaming. Its real-world equivalent is BP.

The top five brands which have broken the Billion Dollar barrier are Red Rocket, Umbrella Corporation, Vladof, Power Cola and Nuka Cola.


The top five most valuable video game franchise in the list of Betway are Fallout ($3.57bn), Resident Evil ($131bn), Borderlands ($124bn), Two Crude Dudes ($89bn) and Doom ($68bn).

The Betway has also deciphered which categories have turned to be most beloved among players and the first in the list is Restaurant with 8656105 score. It is followed by Beverages and Gaming categories with 8635461 and 1100051 respectively. Gamers love security or military category but it failed to make it in the top five place. However, there’s no disappointing. It is placed at the 7th place.

In the Net Worth Per Employee the top five brands are Virility, Transtar, Red Rocket, Sunset Sarsaparilla and Vladof. The top five in-game employer games are GTA with 426,610 emplyees, Dead Rising with 328,000 employees, Two Crude Dudes with 267,000 man power, Fallout with 262,200 and Resident Evil with 155,000 staff.

For those who love social platform beside playing the games, Betway has come up with the list of most instagrammable in-game brands and it includes eCola, The Smokin’ Beef Grill, Nabcom,Gozushi and Virility.

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