3 Upscale Hotel Meeting Spaces in Santa Monica

3 Upscale Hotel Meeting Spaces in Santa Monica

Yet another business meeting is on the horizon. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be boring and dull. Spruce up your next corporate gathering at the classy hotel meeting spaces in Santa Monica below.

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Balance business and pleasure at the Shore Hotel

Strike the perfect balance between business and relaxation by booking your next meeting space at the Shore Hotel.

This hotel offers several beachfront venues (both indoor and outdoor) where you can host various professional gatherings, from moderately sized office socials to large corporate conferences.

The main indoor space available at the Shore Hotel is the Green Room. This is an 800-square-foot venue that can host 30 (all seated) or 60 people (standing room). The floor space makes the Green Room perfect for orientations or regular training events.

The Shore Hotel’s primary outdoor location is the Patio Terrace. This area boasts 1,100 square feet and can accommodate up to 60 standing guests.

If you’d like a versatile venue for your meeting attendees, consider renting both the Green Room and the Terrace. Your guests can easily access both spaces through the Green Room’s retractable door, expanding the possible number of attendees to 120 people standing.

(If you like the idea of having an outdoor area for your meeting, inquire about the Garden Courtyard. This is a bonus 750-square-foot space that can host up to 60 people.)

For each of these venues, the Shore Hotel offers various group and event promotions. For instance, imagine that your rental package costs $15,000 or more. In this case, you can enjoy a few discounts, in addition to a complimentary breakfast.

Small, more economical events ($3,000 or more daily) come with discounts for food and beverage, in-house AV, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

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deluxe meeting

Explore deluxe meeting venues and styles at The Proper Hotel

The Proper Hotel offers several rooms for you to host a wide range of professional gatherings.

Many of their rooms can be arranged to meet your group’s needs, whether you need a classroom configuration, a board room set-up, or U-shaped and “hollow square” seating arrangements for collaborative, discussion settings.

See the details below for precise estimates on the square footage and hosting capabilities for the Proper Hotel’s spaces:

  • Canela Ballroom: The ballroom is divided into A and B spaces, measuring at 16′ x 42′ x 42′ and 16′ x 36′ x 68′, respectively. Depending on which you choose and the specific seating arrangements your meeting requires, the ballrooms can accommodate 44-144 people for classroom, board room, U-shape, and hollow square configurations.
  • Converge: This is a slightly smaller space, better suited to more intimate meetings or groups that need to work more closely together. In this 9′ x 38′ x 28′ room, you can host between 36-51 people with the set-ups mentioned previously.
  • Olea Terrace: This 44′ x 73′ outdoor space is also quite versatile and better for more casual corporate meet-ups. Feel free to invite up to 108 guests in a classroom setting or between 54-66 for U-shape and hollow square settings. (This is not an ideal space for a board room.)

The Proper Hotel also offers the Surge Boardroom. This is a specialized venue for board meetings, as you can infer from the name. It’s more than 500 square feet and can fit up to 14 people.

With every meeting room, Proper provides a delicious menu specially curated for your event.

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nature's influence

Enjoy nature’s influence on meeting rooms at Ambrose Hotel

The Ambrose Hotel aims to integrate the beauty and tranquility of nature into your everyday work life. Their collection, known as “The Apiary,” includes five refined rooms where any of your corporate colleagues would be thrilled to join you.

The Ambrose provides several different spaces, each suited to different professional or casual applications.

Take The Study, for example. This is a type of boardroom that is ideal for formal business gatherings. When renting this room, you’ll have more than 375 square feet to work with, where you and 13 other people can enjoy the following amenities:

  • A refrigerator for a few refreshments
  • Custom boardroom table
  • Speakerphone
  • 80″ flat-screen TV (with adapters and cables necessary for presentations)

On the other hand, there is The Library. This is a slightly smaller space, yet it can still comfortably fit up to 15 people. In the 275 square feet, you can plan to have meetings, interviews, collaborative workshops, and similar small gatherings.

This room comes with a leather couch and chairs, an appealing book selection, and premium Wi-Fi.

Whether you choose to rent these two rooms or any of the others listed below (better suited for casual, outdoor gatherings), The Ambrose offers complimentary meeting planning services:

  • The Living Room: Features café tables and booths for socials or semi-casual professional events.
  • The Courtyard: This large outdoor space is filled to the brim with beautiful, air-cleansing plants. It’s ideal for luncheons and corporate banquets.
  • Fireside: A cozy outdoor space featuring a brick fireplace. This is a great breakaway spot for special business events.

Treat you and your staff to a luxurious Santa Monica hotel meeting space

Meetings don’t always have to be cut-and-dry. You and your colleagues have been working hard and deserve to meet at one of the finest meeting spaces listed above or a similar meeting space in Santa Monica.


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