Are You Living Your Life Online?

Are You Living Your Life Online

There is no doubt that over recent years, the internet has helped to revolutionize our world in many ways. This technology has undoubtedly made our lives much easier in many different ways, which is why people have become so reliant on the internet. However, we have to question whether we are now living our lives more or less online particularly when it comes to socializing with our loved ones.

People go online to do all sorts of things from using specialist sites like Peoplefinders or retail website through to conducting research or even working. The internet has made life much more convenient and simple in terms of helping us with work, research, studies, shopping, buying a new home, and other areas of our lives. We can now do things in our own time and from the comfort of our own homes rather than having to find time during the day when we are trying to work or deal with other commitments. However, what about socializing with our friends and family members? Have we started living our social lives online as well?

Moderating the time you spend online

 Most experts agree that these days more and more people spend their time socializing with friends and family online via social media sites, instant messaging, and video chat. While these are all great ways to communicate and share information it is not something you should do all the time because the personal touch then disappears from our relationships. Actually speaking to someone face to face over a coffee or lunch is very different to a quick chat online or simply messaging one another. This is why you need to moderate the amount of time you spend socializing online and strike a balance between human interaction and online interaction.

 living your life online

If you have children, you have to bear in mind that your own habits will rub off on your kids, and this is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to living your life online. The internet can be a dangerous place for kids due to online trolling, bullying, and predators. In fact, recently the FBI issues a warning to parents about the safety of their kids online. However, more and more children these days are spending most of their time online and very little time going out and about, getting fresh air, and meeting up to play with their friends in the way kids used to.

By making sure you moderate the amount of time you spend online using social media and similar sites, you will be able to boost human and personal interaction between you and your loved ones. In addition, you will be able to teach your kids good habits and reduce the risk of them starting to live their lives online. Being able to socialize in person is a vital part of growing up but for many kids this is becoming more difficult because they have become so used to living their lives online and hiding behind the safety of the internet.

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