Gelato Versus Ice Cream: What are the Differences?

Anyone who has ever tasted traditional gelato is well aware that it is quite different when compared to mass-produced ice cream. Not only do the tastes and flavours significantly vary, but the entire production processes are unique. There are also a handful of interesting aspects associated with each that are worth examining in greater detail. In fact, some of the variables mentioned below might come as a bit of a shock. In order to fully appreciate the fundamental attraction of gelato, knowing how it stacks up to ice cream is very important.

The Ingredients and Production Process

Many experts will cite that the main difference between gelato and ice cream involves the ingredients themselves. Ice cream is comprised of sugar, cream, whole milk and egg yolks. Although the word “gelato” is the literal Italian word for ice cream, no cream or egg yolks are contained. Instead, it employs a greater amount of milk.

Another key factor involves the churning process. Gelato tends to be churned much slower when compared to ice cream. Why does this matter? Slower rates of churning allow less air into the end product. This brings us to our next major point.


The Texture and Appearance

Gelato Versus Ice Cream

Ice cream is known for its smooth and “fluffy” appearance. This is partially the result of the inclusion of egg yolks and cream during the production process. However, we should refer back to the churning mentioned in the last section. As less air is allowed to enter into the gelato as it forms, it is much denser than ice cream. Many feel that this positively affects its flavour, as the taste tends to be accentuated during each bite. Ice cream normally provides a more “mellow” impression.

Health Concerns

Anyone who is concerned about their weight will be pleased to learn that gelato (particularly products created with traditional methods by using a machine like gelatissimo) is much healthier when compared to ice cream. As you might have already guessed, this is due largely to the fact that gelato does not normally contain any cream or egg yolks. Thus, it is said to contain up to 70 per cent less fat than ice cream.

Another interesting observation is that gelato will often use fresh fruits such as strawberries, blackberries and cherries. This signifies that fewer artificial sweeteners are required. On the contrary, ice cream is normally associated with much higher levels of fructose, sucrose and corn syrup. While there are sugar-free varieties on the market, these are not often able to mimic the taste of their sweeter counterparts.

gelato Health Concerns

Putting it All Together

We can now fully appreciate the differences between gelato and ice cream. In the same respect, the production units and ingredients supplied by Nemox also reflect the unique aspects of this tasty dessert. Whether you enjoy gelato for its healthy healthier composition or simply for its appeal to your taste buds, there is no doubt that gelato will not fall short of your expectations.

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