Diets That Work Fast For Women & Men

Many diets that promise the fastest weight loss require the use of diet pills, faddish meal plans, or extremely small portions. These diets are often unhealthy solutions and don’t help you learn to eat properly for the future. Even if you lose weight by conforming to these restrictive low-calorie or low-fat diets, often supplemented by pills to reduce appetite or punish improper consumption of fat, the weight is regained quickly once the diet is over.

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Fastest Weight Loss Program

Everyone loses weight differently, so successful weight-loss strategies depend on a number of factors. In several studies, including a study done by Duke University, a low-carb diet with unrestricted calories resulted in the fastest losses, when compared to low-fat eating plans, and Mediterranean-style dieting. In this study, the reduced-carb dieters also experienced a greater improvement in overall cholesterol numbers than the other diets, in addition to a loss of body fat.

Solutions for Losing Weight

Weight loss solutions require a long-term commitment in order to remain successful. The more restrictive a diet is, and the more deprived you feel, the more likely you are to return to the eating habits that led to your weight gain initially. Low-fat and low-calorie diets typically have heavy restrictions on portion size, which can result in feelings of hunger. Lower-carb diets, however, encourage frequent eating, and do not attempt to limit portion size of any foods other than carbohydrates.

Reduced-carb diets can also result in a feeling of restriction, however, due to the elimination of sugar and flour-based foods. If not followed correctly, any diet can also cause long-term weight yo-yo’s. In order to ensure that you can lose weight now, and keep it off forever, you should make permanent changes, by finding healthy sources for food cravings, and eating in moderation.

Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Quick weight loss programs can offer health benefits, but must be followed carefully. Lowering carbohydrates can result in swift weight loss, but any major changes to diet or exercise level should be cleared by a doctor, in order to ensure that there are no health considerations for your individual situation. While conventional wisdom supports the low-calorie low-fat diet, science appears to back low-carb as the fastest weight loss. Don’t forget to add vegetables to your low-carb diet, for safe weight loss.

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