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Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Brand Online

Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Brand Online

Thanks to the internet, people all over the world are able to say anything, do anything, and sell anything. They use forums and blogs to achieve this, and literally share anything that comes into their heads. Unfortunately, it is possible that what comes into their head is something negative about another company. The online world is not always a positive world, which is why it is so important that all businesses – and some say all individuals as well – find online reputation management services to protect themselves. But what are some of the tips that you can follow yourself should you suddenly spot something negative? Below is a list of top 10 things that all businesses, and arguably individuals, should engage in to make sure their reputation is maintained.

Top 10 Tips for Online Brand Management

  1. Always network. Simply ask website on which the negative content about you is published to take it off. And make sure that any site that posts positive content about you is appreciated.
  2. Host your own blogs, enabling you to properly promote your discounts, exclusive sales offers, services, and products. Do this properly, and it will become increasingly difficult for people to find the negative stuff.
  3. Bookmark any blog posts you create with social media tools. This will improve the chances of your post going viral as it makes it a lot easier for people to share your information.
  4. Use HubPages and Squidoo lenses. This will help you to create a popular brand that people recognize and want to engage with.
  5. Make sure that you ask all your customers to leave reviews of your products and services. Sign up with popular review sites such as CoffeeGeek, Consumer Review, Epinions, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and so on. These sites specialize in reviews, and people turn to them for information.
  6. Make social media your best friend. You need a Twitter page, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, and more. And you must engage with these platforms, speaking to your customers and encouraging them to leave reviews about your business.
  7. Write press released. Announce new products, new developments, new partnerships, or even new positive reviews to the world. In so doing, you will instantly get exposure in many different places and thereby drown out any negative reviews.
  8. Use webinars and videos, two very popular marketing mediums at present. It is easier than ever to create a video nowadays and webinars are perfect for sharing information and making sure that your brand becomes an authority brand.
  9. Syndicate some articles as well. In so doing, you will increase your search engine rankings because you will get lots of backlinks to your site. Again, this will push anything negative away.
  10. Bring in the experts. Last but not least, there are people out there who have made it their job to help companies build, restore, or maintain their reputation. Make sure you use their services to your advantage.

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