Top 5 Personal Safety Apps for Women all over the World

top safety apps

The recently launched women campaign under #Yesallwomen hashtag on Twitter has made us realize how important safety of women is in the contemporary world. Women are constantly subject to domestic abuse, violence, molestation, and rape not only in underdeveloped countries but also in developed countries. Countless cases are being reported on the daily basis both national and international levels, and people who read these articles and stories just speak about the safety but don’t think of ways that can make women safe. However, in times like that here’re are 5 top safety apps for women that can help her deal with the unavoidable situations the best.

vithu safety apps

VithU: The VithU app helps you in dealing a potential number that can save you from the situation when you don’t have time to dial the entire number. All you need to do is push the power button two times, and an emergency alert will be sent to the respective contacts, and alert SOS messages will be sent along with your location once in every two minutes.

circle-of-6 safety apps

Circle of 6: As the name says, this unique app among the top list of safety apps will help you choose 6 specific contacts to whom you can turn up in the case of emergencies. The app contains different features that can send various notifications where the user just have to tap on the circle given. In case if you’re returning from a strange environment to home and are getting a ride from an unknown person, this app is the best you can get in the market which is authorized and which can help you safely go home without any obstacles.

life360 safety apps

Life360 Family Locator: An app which helps you keep touch with your family, friends and colleagues by keeping an eye on their location is why this is listed among the best safety apps. You can create a circle and allow certain people to see your location on confidential maps. This way, the people you’ve chosen can always confirm your location and make sure that you’re safe. This can also be used to recover your lost phone, but privacy can become a little restricted here.

nirbhaya-be-fearless safety apps

Nirbhaya – Be Fearless: Named after the India’s daughter who brutally got raped in Delhi and about which the government couldn’t take a proper action, this app is the most innovative from the list of safety apps. It allows the user to send an emergency text with a single touch and also can send your GPS location to the chosen contacts with constant updating of every 300 meters in your movement. Other exclusive features include Shake to Alert, Geo-Fence

watch over me safety apps

Watch Over Me: This app lets your contacts get access to your location and therefore journey remotely. It initially asks you to specify how long you’re or when you’re expecting to reach the particular destination and also inform when you reached there. In cases when you haven’t it will send an alert to the contacts or you can just shake the phone to send an alert, and your camera will start recording the video as soon as you’ve shaken the phone.

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