Top Tips How To Prepare Yourself For Great Moments

How to get ready for great moments is one of the biggest questions today as no one wants to let it go somehow. It is very important to overcome anxiety and boost up your confidence level while proceeding with the moment or opportunity. However, it is not easy to gain confidence before such events and requires good effort. Below are some of the proven tips how you can make the most of the big moments:

How To Prepare For Great Moments

Recall greatest hits

If you are an athlete, you may have been taught to recall your best performances in order to build confidence. Some of the professionals even watch video highlights of their best performances and so it is suggested to everyone to do the same. Recalling such moments will surely increase the odds again.

Rock playlist

Usually basketball players are suggested to wear headphones for better warmups before playing. It is true the right song can motivate and energize a person. It is suggested to find the right song that has motivating lyrics and is equipped with an upbeat rhythm. Remember, an emotional connection can turn up very important in your life.

Reappraise anxiety

If you can shift your nervousness into excitement before a nervous-making event it would be the best. This is better than calming down yourself. It is better you tell yourself such sentence like “I’m so excited.” It will work as magic in your performance.

Beta blocker

It is a certain class of drug and helps to people with cardiac problems. However, an alternate use of it has been discovered too. It reduces reaction to Adrenalin in the body and helps becoming unusually agitating. Doctors have started prescribing the drug. Well, make sure talking to you doctor about the use of the drug before trying it.


A clear set instruction is needed when you become too anxious or get trapped into some awkward situations. It is highly suggested to have your own set of rituals or routines before any high-stake event. A research reveals those who follow a routine perform better. It is not yet understood clearly but it is found rituals distract people from anxiety feeling. People across the world follow different rituals or routines and those do help in improving performances.


Research also found superstition makes people more confident and so the person performs better. It is also seen use of lucky tools or lucky objects improves performance.

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