> What Is Ayurveda. Why Better Than Alopathy, Homeopathy

What Is Ayurveda. Why Better Than Alopathy, Homeopathy

Ayurveda has been out of the scene for a long time. People around the world almost forgot about this form of medicine in the last few centuries and moved to alopathy and homeopathy. However, Ayurveda is still the best form of medicine that one can follow in case of intrinsic and vital disease.


Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional system which started thousands of years ago, in India. The meaning of the word Ayurveda is the complete knowledge for long life, in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. It is a science or knowledge of having a longer, stronger and disease free life.

All the other forms of medicine has developed a lot these days with lots of research and investments in them; but Ayurveda has also evolved slowly, unknowingly but surely over the years and is practiced almost all over the south Asian countries.

It has spread from India to other Asian and European countries through the travelers who travelled extensively both to and fro. They came and saw this wondrous and amazing form of medicine and took it for the help of their own clans.

The Indians were generous enough to share their knowledge with all the knowledgeable travelers who came and wanted to know more about this form of ancient medicine.

The form is still traditional, native and ancient but is highly effective against chronic and protracting diseases. People in India and other south Asian countries have seen miraculous results with Ayurveda and hence, they have high faith in this form of medicine.

In the west, Ayurveda is classified as CAM or complementary and alternative medicine, and is mostly used by medical practitioners to accompany their own prescriptions.

Ayurveda has its own niche group, who still believes in the power of Ayurvedic medicine and travel to India to get cures for their chronic and long-lasting diseases.

Ayurveda uses plant based medicines and treatments. It uses thousands of medicinal plants and natural items and oils of medicinal importance. India is a land of spices. Lots of spices are used as medicines in it.

Ayurveda has cures for regular diseases like headaches, fever or cough and cold. It has cures for chronic diseases like insomnia, infections, migraine, infertility, allergies, obesity, diabetes and many other forms of illness and other syndromes too. The range of diseases that can be cured through Ayurveda is immense and probably the widest among all forms of medicines available in this world today.

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