Effects of Global Warming on our Health

Global warming in general definition is the increase in temperature of our earth’s climate. The reason of this increase in temperature of the climate is the rise of emissions of greenhouse gas. The increase in temperature results in many hazards on our health as it takes time for human beings to adopt the temperature increase.

global warming

The ill health of human beings mainly depends on local weather. Too much of warmth in the atmosphere results in loss of life. Many grave diseases occur in warm areas. More to this the increase in atmospheric temperatures may also augment air and water pollution and this in turn also harm the health of human beings.

The increase in the temperature on the planet effect the climate to a great extent. The climate of earth becomes hotter and this in turn gives a bad impact on the health of people. In high temperatures people having heart problems become helpless. The cardiovascular system ceases to work properly. The heat also amplifies the respiratory troubles and tiredness becomes a daily routine.

There is a great risk of ultraviolet emission increase in the higher temperatures. In normal temperatures the ozone layer enveloping the earth atmosphere blocks the ultraviolet emission by reaching the surface of the earth. If the temperature rises high, the ozone layer may not stop the harmful emission from reaching the earth.

Apart from this, in the lower atmosphere the ozone is a harmful pollutant. It damages the lung tissues and also it sources many troubles such as asthma and some lung diseases. It may also lead to chest pains, pulmonary congestion and nausea even in healthy persons. Studies say that even 4 degrees of increase in temperature may augment the attention of ozone by 5 percent.

According to the statistics of hospitals, the death rates are more in hot temperatures and mostly the very old and the very young ones suffer. If we take a look on the heat wave of July 1995 of Chicago, it is learned that over 700 people were killed. Studies, based on this, says that even a rise in two degrees of temperature in Atlanta will increase the heat-related deaths and it will go up between 90 and 247 what it is 78 today.

In hot weather the evaporation and rainfall is highly effected. Let us take the example of United States. If the evaporation here will become more than rainfall then the soil will become drier and the levels of lakes will reduce. More to this, rivers will be having less water. All these will damage the entire system of living. The hydroelectric power generation will be affected, there will be less water for farming, we will get less water for our daily use, industries depending mostly on water usage will be deprived of it and many more disbalance will be seen in our day to day life. Not only this, global warming may also increase the length of the season.

The US Environmental Protection Agency couple of years before released Climate Action Report 2002. The report says that over the next few decades will substantially be changed. We will meet heat waves, disruption in the supplies of snow-fed water, and disappearance of mountain meadows and also coastal marshes.

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