The Most Popular Video Game Plot in 2017

2017 is a year of great changes in video gaming. Rankings for midyear prove that players would love new experiences but they are not ready to leave some old favorites.

2017 popular video game plots

The Legend of Zelda (Breath of the wild)

This video game was extremely popular that it even outsold its console. It sold 2.76 million Nintendo switch version copies by the end of March. The switch within that time sold at 2.74 million units. It is a game that is highly rated and it contains lots of surprises.

Breath of the wild is a section of The legend of Zelda series. It follows an amnesiac main character link that wakes from a 100 years slumber to a strange voice that leads him to beat Calamity Ganon before ruining the Hyrule kingdom.

Its mechanics and gameplay encompass the game’s usual protocols that feature open surrounding, HD visuals, voice acting and a comprehensive physics engine.

This video game was applauded worldwide by critics who described it as the best video game ever. Its open-endedness and the physics driven gameplay that allows players to experiment and explore were praised.

The Most Popular Video Game Plot in 2017

For Honor

This game was published by Ubisoft. Its multiplayer elements were criticized but people appreciated that it rewarded patience instead of allowing people to mash buttons on the controller randomly and win.

It entails fighting by hacking and slashing. It was published for Xbox One, Windows, and Playstation. It is among the main mfortune games and it lets players to take the roles of historical warriors and soldiers. They can play as characters from 3 factions whom are: Samurai, Vikings and Knights.

Every faction contains 4 clauses during launching and 2 more are included at the start of each season of the war.

The Vanguard class is known as the properly-balanced and it possesses perfect defense and offense. The Assassin class on the other hand is efficient and quick in fighting enemies but it is the class which deals with little damage to enemies.

The most resistant to damages are the Havies and they are good in holding capture sections although they are slow in attacking. The final class is the Hybrids. This is a combination of 2 or 3 types and it is able to use uncommon skills.

The Most Popular Video Games Plot in 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn

Published by Sony, this is a video game that had the best debuts in the history of the company. It holds 3.4 units in the whole world.

Released in the beginning of 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role playing game whose plot moves around Aloy. Aloy is an archer and a hunter who lives in world run by robots. She was an outcast her entire life and so she decided to find out the dangers which kept her sheltered.

Aloy uses a spear, stealth and ranged weapons to fight robots. A skill tree gives the gamer passive bonuses and new abilities.

Horizon Zero Dawn features an open surrounding for Aloy to explore. The main story guides her across the whole map.


Those are the three most popular video games in 2017. They are a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a wonderful story where you are the lead character regardless of who you are.

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