Forget beauty: let’s get healthy!

Look in the mirror and what do you see? The model-like visage of Cara Delavingne or the mottled face of a leper? Admittedly, most people will fall somewhere in between – but it doesn’t always feel that way.

With the continuous parade of beauty attacking us on our televisions, billboards and fashion mags, huge numbers of people struggle with what should be the simplest thing in the world – looking normal.

Forget beauty: let’s get healthy
Forget beauty: let’s get healthy

Average looks on television, for instance, are heralded as outright unattractive. Anyone who’s ever watched a teen soap, in which the “hideous” geek is only marginally less fresh-faced and attractive than the “hot” jock, knows this.

In dramatic circumstances, the fear of not being attractive enough can turn rotten in the mind, creating a psychological condition known as body dysmorphia.

The sufferer of body dysmorphia believes they’re uglier than they actually are. They’ll stare into the mirror, judging their appearance in the harshest terms, comparing themselves to the glittering celebs on their television screen.

It’s indicative of a modern culture in which the beauty industry has pushed itself to grotesque extremes, like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard being pruned and preened until she becomes almost unrecognizable.

It’s with some hesitancy, then, that one writes yet another beauty article. So let’s pare things back, shall we? Let’s avoid the notion of looking “beautiful” or “glamorous” and stick to simply looking healthy. Here’s how.

The right wrinkle remedy

Nothing can make you feel old before your time than wrinkles you could fit your fingers inside. These cracks and crevices can start at any age, and they’re likely to make your self-esteem crumble to zero.

For our money, we’d recommend Crepe Erase for dodgy wrinkles and creped skin. It’ll make you look that little bit healthier without your bank account weeping.

Nutritional bliss

Forget mounds of makeup and endless fashion statements – nutrition is the clincher when it comes to looking and feeling healthier.

Your five-a-day of fruit and veg (although health officials are swaying towards eight-a-day) is a minimum, not a requirement. It’s a recommended amount because it’s easily attainable, rather than optimal. Aim for that little bit extra – and make your meals burst with taste – and you’ll enjoy a naturally healthier appearance.

Gym in moderation

Everyone knows a gym obsessive, the type of person who’ll discuss what they can lift as they pummel their insides with a health shake-enema. Yet you don’t have to aspire to these gym freaks to enjoy a trim body.

Hit the gym once every two or three days, and try to tackle it at your own pace. Your muscle tone will develop without you even realizing.

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