Quartz v Granite: Which One Should You Choose for Your London Home?

Quartz v Granite: Which One Should You Choose for Your London Home? Both quartz and granite are popular choices for kitchen refurbishments and redecoration. Quartz and granite are ideal for kitchen countertops as they are hardwearing, attractive, and affordable. If you are trying to choose between quartz and granite it can be difficult to make the decision. Here are some guidelines on the pluses and minuses of each stone, and which one is most suitable for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a natural stone that has its own distinctive pattern and style. Quartz fits with many different styles of kitchen and can be used in different areas of the room to offset natural wood, or stainless steel. Quartz countertops are strong and hardwearing, just like granite. But one benefit of quartz over granite is its flexibility. Quartz is a more flexible stone than granite so it is easier to work with in the installation and fitting process. In addition, a major advantage to quartz is it doesn’t need sealing. This stone is not porous, so you don’t get any of the potential problems with liquids seeping into the stone and discoloring the surface. This makes quartz a low maintenance material for kitchen surfaces.

However, although quartz is hard wearing it is not necessarily indestructible and it can become discolored over time when it is exposed to strong sunlight. You may therefore see a difference in the color of the stone between areas in the kitchen that get the sun, and those that do not. You do need to be a little careful with cleaning and these quartz countertop tips will help you take the best care of this natural stone so it keeps its good looks. With darker colours of quartz you are less likely to see the seams and it is easier to hide the seam when the counter is in a dark, solid colour. If you are looking for quartz worktops London suppliers suggest that you choose a solid colour for larger areas of countertop.

Pros and Cons of Granite

Granite is another hard wearing and tough stone that looks good in practically any kitchen. It is available in many different finishes and colours, as these examples of London home design show. But the appearance of granite stone is not uniform and if you are looking for a matching look then this stone is probably not suitable – you will always get variations, which is fine when you want a natural look.

You will need to seal granite before you use the work surfaces because it is porous and liquids can get into the stone and stain it. It is a good idea to seal the surface once a year after the initial installation to make sure that it is protected fully. Although the granite counter top is very tough, it can be broken or chipped if particularly heavy objects are directed at it. But with regular use, you shouldn’t have any problems with damage.

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