Bi-folding Doors keep you warm

Winter is well and truly on its way. Halloween and fireworks night has gone and the Christmas adverts are on the tele and the gifts in the shops. Soon the weather will turn cold and people will be living with their heating on all the time.

By tradition, patio, sliding and bi-folding doors are associated with the summer months and the warm weather, when you up these up to allow for the seamless movement between internal and external living spaces. Yet, the doors can also provide high quality benefits throughout winter as well.

Bi-folding Doors keep you warm

By buying bi-folding doors for your house, you will be improving the whole homes energy efficiency, which should ensure you require less heat to keep it warm and cosy in the winter months. High efficiency glazing, which comes a standard on most bi-folding door arrangements, uses specialist technology to reflect heat back into the room instead of it escaping out to the outside world. This will then enable any warmth to stay in the home and keep your internal temperatures at a comfortable level without reaching high heating costs.

The glazing can also play a huge part in keeping the house warmer. Whilst this is more common in European countries where on winter days they get a lot of sun, ensuring you have blinds open can help to warm up the house using the sun’s rays. If the UK has a sunny day but it might be cold, you can use the warmth of the sun to help warm up internally. The larger the amount of glazing, the more opportunity for the sun to warm up the space. This is often why conservatories are warmer in cooler months than you may expect.

Something else to consider is that these doors can still be used to help give the illusion of space. Because it is not a wall, you can maximize internal space. This can be highly beneficial when you might have gets around or want to sit by a fire. If a wall was there, you may not want to be cosy up against it, but a door with curtains might just be your cup of tea.

Finally, but by no means least, these doors and windows still provide great natural light into the home. When you can see outside this helps improve mood which in turn makes you feel warmer. You can have large curtains which you can close which will help to keep you feeling warm and more importantly, you won’t get cold droughts through the bottom of the door.

So, if you are thinking or getting bi-folding doors but wondered how they would provide value during the winter months, or you already have them and were not sure if the investment was a good choice, this article should explain how to get the most out of your doors for winter. For more great tips you can also speak to specialist bi-folding door companies, or read their blogs online which will enable you to get even more from your doors.

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