Free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia

Free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia is a modern variant of the traditional form of Reiki. This variation was purposefully constructed as a potential alternative treatment option for Fibromyalgia. The system includes twelve healing frequencies described by particular symbols. These wavelengths were originally part of six different Reiki traditions: Usui Reiki Ryoho (the traditional form of Reiki), Teira-Mai, Celtic Reiki, Kuruna Ki, Tibetan Reiki, and Violet Flame Reiki.

Free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia

Separately, each of these free Reiki healing frequencies is used to promote a specific effect. In this way, some waves may be used to calm or stabilize an individual so that they can relax while other frequencies might be for pain relief or to release stagnant energy within the physical body of the individual. Still others might be useful for clearing the mind and letting go of unhealthy habits.

Combined, the twelve properties used in free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia create a cumulative effect. This simultaneously intensifies the effect each individual property and initiates a larger plan of healing. This plan not only seeks to manage Fibromyalgia symptoms but also identify and release the root cause of these health issues. Then, to promote permanent whole health healing, these energies subtly encourage healthier ways of living and being.

Free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia International Study

Over the course of several years, free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia was painstakingly pieced together through trial and error. Later, the viability of this treatment was tested in an international study (Brady 2009). This three month study, in the fall of 2008, included thirty participants from six countries. Findings of this research demonstrated the usefulness of Reiki for Fibromyalgia as a potential therapy for both symptom management and core healing for Fibromyalgia.

Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Free Reiki healing

Based upon this international study, the Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia program was created. This program is made up of three components: symptom management, core healing, and self care. Free Reiki healing for Fibromyalgia is the heart of the symptom management and core healing portions of the process. Transpersonal resources such as meditation, guided imagery, belief work, affirmations, afformations (an affirmation variation), journaling, and energy integrity training are then used as treatment aids.

Distant Healing and Reiki Box Methodologies

Although Reiki for Fibromyalgia is used for both symptom management and core healing, two different methodologies are employed. For symptom management, the well known distant healing method is used. Then, for core healing, the lesser known advanced Reiki box technique is utilized. Interestingly enough, while the energy frequencies are exactly the same in both cases, the distant healing method appears to focus healing efforts at the physical level while the Reiki box technique tends to concentrate on mental and emotional concerns.

Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia

When diagnosed by a doctor, individuals are given the collective term Fibromyalgia to describe their chronic pain and fatigue symptoms. Such symptoms often cause decreased quality of life and are usually associated with other common Fibromyalgia related issues such as unrecuperative sleep, depression, fibrofog (mental fuzziness), weight gain, and irritable bowel-like complaints. Since there is no current universal test for Fibromyalgia, diagnosis of the chronic conditional only takes place after all other options are exhausted. In this way, multiple examinations and avenues of testing are followed to ensure that these health problems are not caused by other conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, or cancer.

A Holistic View of Fibromyalgia


Conversely, holistic practitioners tend to see all ill health (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) as a sign that the body system is imbalanced. Labels such as Fibromyalgia or cancer are really unnecessary. Moreover, all imbalances, even those of chronic conditions, are seen as reversible. The key to healing this disparity is finding the root cause or causes of the imbalance so that these blockages, issues, past traumas, or emotions can be released and in essence healed. Thus, the key to good health is listening to the body for clues to potential problems.

Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Whole Health Therapy for Fibromyalgia is a holistic therapy that specializes in what is commonly referred to as Fibromyalgia. From the holistic point of view, this condition is composed of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease. The exact cause or causes of these imbalances is unique to each Fibromyalgia sufferer, for instance, childhood drama, socialization issues, or unhealthy primary relationships. Nonetheless, it would seem that the pain and emotion of these incidents is kept deeply buried where it festers at the physical level creating pain, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms commonly associated with Fibromyalgia. Simultaneously, these experiences adversely affect the psyche creating individuals with perfectionist tendencies, damaged self images, and an inability to negotiate healthy personal boundaries.

For this reason, holistic treatment of Fibromyalgia seeks to address not only the physical complaints but also looks to heal the initial wound and retrain healthier ways of being. Whole Health Therapy was specifically designed for this purpose. This unique therapy combines Reiki for Fibromyalgia and transpersonal resources to bring all aspects of the system back into equilibrium while guiding the individual towards self understanding and healthy self care. In doing so, this tailored program moves from symptom management through core healing to healthy self care.

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