How to choose the right Reiki classes

Here we will discuss about Reiki classes and Reiki training. Before proceeding, let us understand what is Reiki. It is literally translated to ‘God’s energy’ (Rei) and ‘Individual Life Force energy’ (Ki) is a popular form of energy healing. It originated in Japan but now has spread all over the western world as well. Reiki practitioners are initiated to Reiki by a process called ‘Attunement’. The hands of a Reiki practitioner are considered as conduits for energy flow. The practitioner places his hands on the part of the body that needs Reiki energy or Reiki healing and the circuit is complete.

Reiki classes

Types of Reiki

Here is a list of some popular schools of Reiki.

Usui Reiki

The original reiki developed by Dr.Mikao Usui

Gendai Reiki

Gendai means modern. Combines Usui Reiki with western concepts developed by Hiroshi Doi of Japan.

Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow reiki combines Usui reiki with Shamanism, Meditation, Holistic Communication Sciences etc.

Karuna Reiki

Only for Reiki masters of other lineages. Translates to Reiki of Compassion

Gayatri Reiki

Combines Reiki healing with the 1000 year old Gayatri Mantra

Tummo Reiki

Combines Reiki healing with kundalini energy healing. Tummo means kundalini.

Tibetan Reiki

Requires practitioner to be a Usui Reiki master to receive attunement. Tibetan symbols are used.

How to Choose the Right Type of Reiki classes

Healing Philosophy Of Reiki Teacher

The healing philosophies of different schools of Reiki are different. It is important to choose a school that fits the student’s personality. For example, some schools may consider symbols to be powerful. Other schools of Reiki classes, consider symbols as merely a tool to get more comfortable with intending and channeling. If the student feels comfortable with following rituals in a certain order, a more symbol-centric Reiki might be a good fit.

Reiki Teacher’s Methodology


Some teachers consider the attunement process sacred and do not openly reveal symbols to non-students. Other teachers have a more open approach. Interviewing a teacher and understanding their methodology of teaching is important. Free introductory sessions, if available, are a good way to evaluate a teacher. A good teacher dispels questions and doubts and provides practical ways to increase students’ sensitivity to feel energy in Reiki classes.

Cost of Reiki

Costs vary from free to a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in United States’ Reiki classes. Most authentic Reiki teachers don’t claim absolute cure of any kind for any amount of training fee, so promises that sound improbable or too good to be true, usually are.

Reiki Classes Duration

Most Reiki workshops are completed over a weekend. Most schools dont have pre-requisites to learn Reiki.

Support for continued Reiki Practice

Continued support is invaluable in learning Reiki. Questions and concerns usually arise after the classes are complete when its time to practice on one’s own. Follow up sessions, discussions with other students, access to online forums, continued teacher-student contacts are other great ways to make the student’s Reiki training valuable.

Non-Reiki Energy Healing

reiki training

Though its the most popular, Reiki is not the only energy modality. Pranic Healing, Therapeutic Touch and Quantum Touch are some other types of energy healing available today.

Alternative Therapy Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a natural therapy that uses the energy flow in the body to treat conditions. This ancient alternative therapy means “universal life energy”. It is believe this therapy uses the energy that is inside and surrounding the body to heal. This treatment is believed to release that energy, allowing the body to heal its self naturally.

How is Reiki Healing Used

Reiki healing uses seven of the main energy centers in the body known as chakras. It is believed the energy that flows through these centers allows the body to be mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. It promotes overall well being. Practitioners of this therapy believe that when these centers become blocked, health decreases. It can result in illness, weakness, and pain.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is used to treat a number of conditions. It is often used to relieve pain caused from medical and environmental conditions. Athletes often use this alternative therapy to ease muscle tension. It is believe the body can heal and repair its self quicker using this healing method. People that use this therapy claim to improve their ability to sleep. Reiki healing is believed to refresh the soul and spirit of the body. It is said to produce an overall well being effect on the body.

Treatment of Reiki Healing

The treatment sessions for this therapy usually last for one hour. It can take multiple sessions to experience the full benefit of Reiki therapy. A practitioner will place their hands on the energy centers of the body to treat the health problems. People that suffer from cancer and other serious medical conditions claim to feel better and experience fewer symptoms of their conditions.

Reiki Healing Proof

There is no conclusive evidence that this form of therapy actually works. Health professionals claim that is may be beneficial to use this therapy to relieve anxiety and stress. Research is currently being conducted on this treatment to see if it is actually beneficial.

Risks of Reiki Healing

There are no known risks associated to this treatment but more research needs to be conducted to determine whether or not there may be risks associated with its use. It is important to discuss with health professionals before beginning this therapy option. This treatment should not be used instead of or in place of any form of conventional medicines until all benefits and risks have been concluded.

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