Doors For Every Style Of Home

Doors For Every Style Of Home

There are many different types and styles of doors, and finding one that suits your home can be a challenge. It is important to choose a door that adds curb appeal and, at the same time, compliments your personality. Your door should also be highly functional. If you are replacing a damaged door, you should also consider finding windows that compliment the new doors. This guide will help you select a door that suits your house.

 Panel Doors

Panel doors have been popular since the Georgian era. These front doors are designed with raised or flat panels, and these panels are fitted together perfectly. You should note that the panels can be made of many different materials. Usually, they are designed with wooden or glass panels. The latter can give you a good view of the outside, and at the same time, they can let in some light to the living room.

Panel doors are ideal for cottage-style homes. They can also work well with colonial-style homes. You can paint the door to match the exterior of your house.

Flush Doors

Flush doors differ from panel doors in the design. These particular ones have flat surfaces that are not divided into panels or mouldings. They are made with wooden frameworks that are covered by different types of wood, including ply and natural wood. Both sides of these doors have flat surfaces, and their hollow inner sections are filled with materials like cardboard.

Flush doors have limited designs, and they are best suited for homes with calm exterior designs. If you own a sleek architectural house, these doors will perfectly compliment the design. You can improve the appearance of these doors by using creative door accessories and handles. Most people achieve an interesting design by using angular door handles and large door knobs, but you don’t need to limit your choices to these two styles.

Glazed Doors

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors are very similar to panel doors. They are also very popular choices for entrances. Glazed doors and panel doors are both made using panels. However, glazed doors always have multiple glass panels as they are primarily used to let in light to the room. These doors do not necessarily need a wooden frame. The glass panels are shaped to match your personality and house design, and this construction should enhance the elegance of your house. Since they are made of glass, glazed doors do not suffer from water damage. However, they can break easily.

French Doors

French doors are mostly used in balconies, room partitions, and patios. These doors have framed glass grids. If you have a classic-style house, you should consider installing these doors as they will complement the design perfectly. An advantage of French doors is the fact that they allow some privacy and at the same time give you some contact to a separate room.

You can create a unique and highly suitable look by carefully choosing the materials used to make the glass frames. Also, you should consider the colour of the door. Different sizes of glass grids will also suit different types of houses. You can add door accessories to make the door more visually appealing.


Doors are chosen based on the design, material, and even size. Some common door types include flush doors, panel doors, glazed doors, and French doors. The style you choose should be determined by your personality and the design of your house. For example, if you have a sleek modern house, you can consider installing flush doors as they are minimalistic and calm. French and panel doors are best suited to traditional homes.

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